Tuesday 6 August 2013

Turn off the TV and tune into .. ?

Last week a set of figures were released detailing how much TV an average person is watching each day. I was a little surprised to hear that the average is four hours per day! My first thought was how do people have time to watch that much TV? I personally struggle to find interesting programs to watch, so I only watch an hour or two, at maximum per day.

I was phoned by my local BBC radio station to ask my thoughts, as a mother to two young daughters, on the latest statistics and to pick my brains on what better ways people can spend their time, instead of being sat in front of the TV. You can find the link here, I'm on at 19 minutes into the show.

It did not take me very long to come up with a list of ideas, many of which we already do as a family anyway. So here are my top things to do when you turn off the TV.

  • Plan days out, anything from visiting a local park to a museum, a farm park to a theme park
  • Visit a Pick your own Fruit farm like the one we attended for Ruby's birthday treat
  • Play boardgames, dress up and re-enact or make up a story
  • Taking a stroll around the shops
  • Enjoy some time outside gardening or birdwatching
  • Visit a local library and maybe join a book club
  • Visit a local market
  • Ride a bike or take a simple walk
  • Take up a new hobby like knitting or learn to crochet
  • Learn to play a musical instrument

I think it is easy to see from the list above that there is always something to do in our household rather than watch TV. How about you, what do you do? Do you want the TV more or less than the average 4 hours a day?


  1. We don't have live tv... We cancelled our cable subscription just after Christmas and have such a poor reception here there is no point using an aerial. It was a conscious choice as we found we were paying for cable & not using it. We now watch things we want to watch on either catch up through the XBox (which is rarely used anymore so makes it come in useful!) or DVD. We generally do this of an evening for an hr or so to chill out after a busy day! We just don't have time for tv to be honest, there are so many other things we have to do and free time as a family is so short with us both having to work that we do other things at weekends and days off. Our exception, of course, is when we have had a busy week and want to really chill out & then we watch a few episodes of something or a film and just have a lazy day (it doesn't happen very often). Oh and when O is grumpy & tired due to teething so we snuggle & watch one of his films. And we let him watch NumTums, Alphablocks or Baby Einstein if he wants as he loves them and is obsessed with numbers, letters and words!! I must say watching these on catch up is great as you can watch what you feel okay watching rather than turning on CBeebies and having to watch a programme that really grates on your nerves!