Tuesday 21 May 2013

A Day of Playing and Baking!

Since starting the blog, I have become a lot more confident as a mother and am now far more creative and involved when it comes to playtime with the girls.

Yesterday I was really not feeling at my best and all I wanted to do was be tucked up in bed, however there is no off switch or pause button when you are a parent, and I like most mothers find it very difficult and testing to look after children whilst being poorly. 

Before having children, if I was unwell I would be able to take the day off work and just think about me, but obviously now I can't do that. 

We had an enjoyable day yesterday despite me being ill; I didn't have anything planned, so let Ruby take charge of what she wanted to do; unfortunately the weather was not very kind to us, so to Rubys disappointment outdoor play was out of the question. 

I have always enjoyed baking cakes, and when hubbie came home from work with a bug bag of rhubarb, which so happens to be one of my favourite things to eat, I asked Ruby if she would like to help me to try out a new cake recipe with me; and of course I didn't have to ask twice! After looking at various recipes on-line together, we found this one and decided to give it a go! 

As you can see from the photos, Ruby really enjoyed helping me. 

Mummy and daughter baking time!

The end result was amazing and tasted soooo good! Throughout the rest of the day, 
Ruby kept asking for more and more! It was definitely a big hit! 

Rhubarb Crumble Cake

After baking, Ruby then enjoyed some time painting and mixing different colours together to find out what colours she could make. Lottie slept the whole time Ruby was painting; I still love staring at my daughters whilst they are fast asleep, there's something very special and magical about watching them; I think I could do it all day if I could (and if they would nap more often!). Since the reflux, it is a challenge to get Lottie to nap; I can't remember the last time Ruby took a nap during the day. 

Busy Painting

I could stare all day at Lottie asleep!

By the time Ruby had finished painting, Lottie was stirring from her nap so we tidied 

up and sat down to eat our lunch. After lunch Ruby set up a tea party in the playroom and Lottie and I were both welcomed as guests. Ruby loves imaginary play, and enjoys Lottie being involved, although much to Ruby's annoyance, Lottie just tries to grab everything in reach and doesn't know how to play nicely! 

Lottie makes a mess!

I am really looking forward to the girls beginning to play and interact more with each 

other as they get older.