Friday 30 August 2013

Ruby - The School Girl

Well it's now official, I am a parent of a school age child. Ruby has started school today; I knew this day was coming, but the last four years really have flown by; anyone who reads my tweets or other blog posts will no doubt be aware that I have been feeling a wide range of emotions at the thought of her starting school.

I really can't fault Ruby's primary school, they have been absolutely amazing at making the transition to school an easy one for both Ruby and also for me as a first time parent. Their attention to detail is outstanding, and nothing has been too much hassle; I can't praise them highly enough. I can hand my heart honestly say that I feel that I have made the right choice to send Ruby to school that is not in our catchment area.

Yesterday, Ruby and I attended an one to one appointment at her school to meet her teacher; Ruby was very excited to meet her, and get another chance to look around the school. As a parent I felt that this was such a wonderful idea as it helps the teacher and children to get to know one another. Ruby's teacher asked her about what she had been doing during the summer holidays, and about her favourite toys, which she noted down so that she could ensure that Ruby has something familiar to play during the first few days and weeks. The meeting was also an opportunity for me as a parent to express any concerns I had, or ask any questions. 

Well the day is now here, Ruby is dressed bright and early and ready for school! Over the last couple of weeks, Ruby has been trying her school uniform on, on a daily basis; I think it's safe to say she is really excited and looking forward to school.

I am excited for Ruby, I know that she is going to have the most wonderful and amazing time and I can't wait for her to come home and tell me all that she has been doing. When she is a bit older, I really can't wait to read the stories that she writes; I think she will be really good at this as she has such an amazing creative and imaginative outlook.

The thing I want most for Ruby out of school is for her to have lots and lots of fun and as long as she tries then I will be happy with her however well she does. 

I think it's going to take some weeks to get used to not having Ruby at home with me all the time, as she is my little best friend and is such amazing company; but I'm also looking forward to spending some one to one time with Lottie too.


  1. Bless her - she looks so cute in her uniform!