Saturday 10 August 2013

For 9 months I need your help

This Thursday saw the launch of a very important charity event for Pregnancy Sickness Support, a charity that helps women suffering from pregnancy related sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum. I thought long and hard about how best I would be able to support their new campaign entitled "9 months of..."; I needed to think of something that I could do that would last 9 months. The campaign is called 9 months, because 9 months is the length of a normal term pregnancy without complications and unfortunately for some women, myself included, 9 months is the amount of time that they suffer with Hyperemesis.

I have written numerous article on hyperemesis, you can read them here.

For my part of the 9 months campaign I have decided to not ask for sponsorship as I appreciate how people are struggling financially at the moment and I don't really feel that I am am able to commit to some big challenge bearing in my mind that I am due to have an operation next week; so I have decided to invest my time and use the skills and knowledge I already have to raise awareness of hyperemesis and pregnancy sickness support and the invaluable work that the charity does. I feel it's so important to raise awareness as so may people still believe that hyperemesis is the same as normal pregnancy sickness.

This is where I need your help I am looking for advice and help at spreading awareness. Could I guest post in your blog? Could you help by simply retweeteing some of my tweets or sharing some of my posts, or do you have any contacts within the media who I could work with? Or do you have any other ideas on how I can raise awareness? If so I would be really pleased to hear form you. You can find my contact details here.


  1. I felt like I was dying for ten weeks with my twins. I couldn't eat or even keep down water and I was sick around 6 times a day. It was hell. Happy to let you guest post on my blog anytime.
    You can find me on twitter @crazywithtwins

    1. Emma, thank you very much for your kind offer, I will be in touch with you soon. x

  2. I was ill for 5 months of my pregnancy with Charlie. I remember being on 2 different types of medication and still being sick. It was a horrible time, especially since I had a chilc to look after but everytime I moved I would be sick.

    Happy for you to guest post on my blog hun. Get in touch if you would like to @YorkshireMumof2

    1. That is very kind of you, thank you very very much. I shall be in touch soon, x

  3. Retweeted and liked - would be happy and honoured for you to be the first Guest Blogger on my blog, any time!!

    1. Thank you very much, I shall be in touch with you very soon x

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