Monday 22 April 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Today I have a lot to celebrate, it marks 4 weeks of blogging and the creation of Ruby plus Lottie; where has the time gone? I have learnt so much in 4 short weeks; I have relaxed more as a parent and at times stepped out of my comfort zone so that my girls can enjoy different forms of play. 4 weeks a go we would not be doing any form of messy play, but now were doing it most days! As soon as Ruby woke up, she came into my bed and asked if we could go in the tray! I asked her what she liked best and she listed off everything we had done; it must be a big hit with her.

After breakfast Ruby was still very keen to get into the "tray" as she calls it. I asked her if she would like to do some painting; without any hesitation, ruby started to jump up and down with excitement. Today I decided that we would use our hands and feet to paint with. As I was getting everything ready, Ruby asked me if she could go in the tray, but before I had even finished my sentence, Ruby was wearing very little! Ruby has never painted her feet before and found the experience very exciting, she kept laughing as the paint tickled her feet; Ruby even helped to paint Lottie's feet so that we have a record of her footprints too.

Ruby and Lottie's Prints

We decided to try and be a little bit more creative with our hand prints and had a go at making the very hungry caterpillar; I think it turned out really well, what do you think?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

After a busy morning of painting, we sat down for a little rest and read the story of the very hungry caterpillar.

At lunchtime I gave the girls exactly the same lunch as one another, I have never tried baby led weaning but today I decided to give it a go.... and Lottie munched her way through everything! Lunch consisted of a ham sandwiches, slices of cucumber and carrot, a tomato and a few crisps. I tried to allow her to feed herself yogurt, but it was too messy for my liking, as she just put her hands all in it!

This afternoon we decided to head outside; as the weather was being kind to us we went to our local park. whilst we were there, four other children turned up with their mum's, this is a rarity and never normally happens; it was lovely to have some adult company whilst watching our children play, as being a stay at home mummy doesn't often bring adult conversation.

Whilst walking back from the park we noticed that the Library was open, so we decided to hunt out some new books for Ruby to have read to her as a bedtime story. Here is what we picked ....

I always struggle to find time to read a book, as my evenings are spent either crashing out in front of the TV, cleaning, or on some rare occasions knitting or sewing! A book really jumped out at me whilst looking around the Library, one that I remember from when I was younger; it was one of the famous five books by Enid Blyton. I decided to take it home to rekindle the memories I once had reading it! So what do you remember reading when you were younger or what are your children's favorite books?