Thursday 15 August 2013

Veggie Round Up by Ruby

It's been a while since I updated you as to what has been happening with the vegetables we that sewed earlier in the year, well things are really coming along and I am going to hand you over to Ruby to show you around her little allotment. Here is what Ruby said when my Hubbie asked her about the veggies:

"There are lots of things that mummy and I have grown in the garden and I have really enjoyed looking after and watering everything, mummy says I am doing a really good job."

"The best thing that was planted in the garden is the rhubarb; I love rhubarb and I can't wait to make rhubarb crumble cake with mummy."

"There is also a cucumber plant that is taking ages to grow but you can just see little cucumbers starting to grow."

"In the garden there are two different types if beans French beans and runner beans. I love them both. They have grown really tall and I can't reach them but mummy can!"

"They are just starting to show little beans and I cant wait to pick them and help cook them for our dinner."

"These are my potatoes, Mummy said these were ready to come out of the ground, so I dug them up"

"I had lots and lots and lots of fun digging around and hunting for the potatoes; I pretended that it was a treasure hunt, but I got covered in mud!"

"I then washed the potatoes under the tap all by myself and then took them inside for mummy to cook them for my dinner."

"They were really tasty and yummy!"