Monday 31 March 2014

Weekend Box Club Review and Giveaway!!!

I was recently approached by Weekend Box Club, who asked if I would like to review one of their products. I will be totally honest, I had never heard of them before! When Ruby and I looked them up online, we were really impressed with what we saw and loved the concept; I said yes please right away, and Ruby started to get excited about what the postman would bring!

As you can probably tell by the name, Weekend Box Club provide fun little activity boxes for you and your children to enjoy together over a weekend. If you subscribe to Weekend Box Club, a new box will be delivered right to your door every fortnight, each box contains:

  • Something to Make
  • Something to Cook
  • Something to Explore
  • Something Green

The boxes are tailored for children between the ages of 4 and 6, and according to their website, each box costs £7.50 and has Free Delivery.

When Ruby saw the box she was really excited and was very keen to start on the activities.

All of the activities came in their own brightly coloured envelop which instantly fuelled our excitement.

The first activity we looked at was making 'green' savoury pancakes using the special herbs and spice mix provided.

Then there was the Sound Explorer activity sheets for us all to work through, where we had to match  sounds with pictures.

Next was the "Pot O' Gold Game" where you have to build a rainbow out of pipe cleaners and sit it in a pot. The aim of the game is to get as many gold coins into the pot under the rainbow as possible.

Even Phil got involved when it came to the science experiment where we made a voice box out of a balloon and some plastic straws. They even provided links to videos on YouTube explaining how to assemble, and the basic science behind the experiment.

Ruby particularly enjoyed assembling and decorating her "Rocking Spring Bird", which she made from cardboard, feathers and googly eyes.


Overall, I think the box is great! It is perfect if your a busy parent struggle to think of things to keep child entertained;the activities promote learning and creativity, and encourages parents to sit down and have fun with their children.

Given the quality of the product, I think it is great value for money; you get a new set of activities every fortnight, and the box contains everything needed to complete the activities, even glue! I also think it is fantastic to support small companies like this who are being creative and thinking outside of the box - no pun intended :-)

Ruby + Lottie Rating: 9/10

Would you like to try your very own Weekend Box Club box?

Well as a thank you to all my readers for their ongoing support, and to mark Ruby + Lotties very 1st blog anniversary, Weekend Box Club have very kindly offered all of my wonderful readers a free box!

Weekend Box

All you have to do is visit, and enter my promotional code KIMBERLEY115 and they will send you your very own box, for Free, right to your door.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Weekend Box Club for making this happen.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for free to review,however all views and opinions are our own.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

1st Blog Anniversary - How time flies?

I don't know about you, but life seems to be hurtling by so quickly that if I blink, I miss something; this was one of the reasons that I started the blog. I wanted to create a place where I could record memories for my girls and also for family and friends to be kept up to date with what we are up to.

Today marks one year of Ruby + Lottie! When I reflect back on the last year, there have been so many highlights and blessings that I'd have forgotten if they had not have been recorded on my blog. 

There are many posts that I look back on and feel incredibly proud that they have made a difference to other people lives, especially the posts that I've written have helped to raise awareness of charities and conditions that are on my heart; in particular Hyperemesis, Breastfeeding and PVNS. My personal favourite posts were the ones where I wrote down my thoughts and feelings for my girls in the letters that I published on their birthdays. 

I've been incredibly blessed over the last year to have had articles published by parenting websites and even in traditional print media, when my story of hyperemesis was featured in last months Prima Baby Magazine.

I have even been fortunate to take part in many radio interviews raising awareness of issues close to my heart.

However there is one things that I didn't anticipate when I first started the blog...... that I would make so many fantastic new on-line friends who have been so encouraging and supporting of both me and the blog. I would also like to thank You, the people who read this blog, you are all amazing, and without you, this blog would not happen. 

Finally, to mark one year of Ruby + Lottie I will be offering everyone a chance to have a free gift! So stay tuned for details later in the week.

Once again thank you all so very much for your ongoing love and support.


Tuesday 18 March 2014

Exciting Times Ahead!

I would like to take this opportunity to just give a bit of an update on life for us as a family, and how things are going. Life seems to be hurtling by at such a fast pace that I am barely able to catch my breath, let alone keep people up to date about what is going on.

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to those people who took the time to nominate and vote for us in the “Best New Blog” in The MADS. The MAD Blog Awards (MADS for short) are run annually to recognise and celebrate the top Mums and Dads blogs.  To say I was surprised is an understatement, I was incredibly shocked to learn of the nomination,  it was totally unexpected; it really put a smile on my face on what had been, up until then, a difficult day.

Whilst I am on the topic of nominations,  Britmums have today started to accept nominations for their Blogging in Brilliance Awards, if you would like to vote for Ruby + Lottie then you can do so here. I am not going to write a blog post demanding people vote for me and the reasons why, as that is just not me, but if you would like to then I would be thrilled to be nominated. Britmums also host an annual blogging conference; I looked into going last year but unfortunately I did not have the funds; however this year I may actually get to go as I am hopefully in the process of securing some sponsorship, so fingers crossed! I would really love to go so that I can finally put names and people’s faces together; I have had the privilege of chatting to so many wonderful people through my blog and I am pleased to class them as my friends.

Ruby is continuing to do well at school and I am incredibly proud of her, although I am still missing her so much when she is at school. At least half term isn’t too far away and we shall all be going on our first proper family holiday to Coombe Mill, I am so excited! Ruby is too, as she keeps trying to pack her bags! We have Ruby’s parents evening tomorrow, it will be interesting to hear what she has been up to, I know she is a lollipop lady in a play in a couple of weeks!

Lottie’s character is really starting to shine; she has her daddy’s eye and hair colour but definitely my build. She can quite easily and quickly polish off cake and chocolate in one big mouthful - she might happen to have her sweet tooth from me! Lottie has been walking for a good couple of months now and is starting to run; I am struggling to keep up with her. She has a very determined and strong willed personality; she is a girl who knows what she wants and when she wants it, Phil says she takes after me but I won’t admit to that!

Now where do I start with me, hmmm, well I am still having ongoing knee problems due to PVNS, I am trying desperately to track down a specialist consultant who might be able to help but with only one in a million people suffering from the condition, there is unlikely to be anyone who can help as on that ratio only 63 people in the country have PVNS! That’s enough about my knees!

Well that’s my update on how family life is for us at the moment. I just want to reiterate what I mentioned earlier; thank you so much for reading the blog and to those who nominated me in the MADs. Oh and how could I forget? Ruby + Lottie turns one next week, and I have some exciting things to offer to you as a celebration and thank you. More details will follow soon.

Thursday 13 March 2014

I Said I Wouldn't - But I Did!

There were many things that I said I'd never do before I had children, and to be honest, since the girls came along I have done practically all of them. It amazes me how everything changes when you we have children, including our priorities in life.

Some of the things include:

  • Saying I would never have pictures and drawings on kitchen cupboard doors - Every cupboard door has one now!

Ruby's Art Gallery!!!

  • Vowing that I would never breast feed another child after struggling with Ruby - I am still feeding Lottie at 20 months!
  • I said I would still put make up on every day and keep using my contact lenses- this lasted about a week!
  • I planned to make all of Ruby's weaning food - I kept it up for about a month before I turned to supermarket bought jars!
  • I said my daughters wouldn't have a dummy - but when you hear a baby screaming because they want to suck for comfort, it was an obvious choice!
  • I had high hopes of having dinner on the table every evening for when my hubbie returned home from work - well that doesn't happen as often as I would like, although he says he doesn't mind!
  • When we had the playroom built, I said the lounge would be toy free - it is if you ignore the big pile in the corner!

The Toy Pile in the Lounge!!!

  • We never wanted our children to sleep in our bed - but sometimes they do, and we love it!

The best advice I can give to any parent to be or new parent is not to make too many ridged decisions on how you will parent; you may just find that what you thought would be good, does not suit your family in reality . When listening to parenting advice (like this), take it with a pinch of salt and make your own decisions; don't be afraid to disagree with someone, as parenting is all about finding out what works and suits you and your family. 

Thursday 6 March 2014

Having Cold Feet?

I have really been struggling to keep warm with the recent cold spell; I am one of those people who once cold, find it very difficult to get warm again; so I could not have been happier when I was asked by Heat Holders if I would like to review some of their Thermal Socks.

When I first opened the pack, I was very surprised to see how thick and soft the  socks were, in fact I was only able to test them at night and around the home as they are too thick to wear with my boots!

The socks are really comfortable and keep my feet incredibly warm, I just wish they were a bit longer so that they could also keep my troublesome knees nice and warm too. I think these socks will be ideal to wear with wellies, and I will definitely be taking them with me when we go to and stay at Coombe Mill in Cornwall later on in the year.

The socks utilise an advanced insulating yarn which offers a superior performance and their innovative knitting technology produces an extra long looped pile to maintain warmth and in the process boosts the thermal tog rating to 2.3. The socks have a soft brushed inner which helps with warmth and overall comfort. They are available in lots of different colours and styles.

The socks come in at around £10 per pair, which I think is reasonable given how warm and fluffy they are. I will certainly be buying some more to wear with my wellies.

Overall I will give them a Ruby + Lottie rating of 7 / 10.

Disclaimer: I was given the socks to review for free, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.