Thursday, 22 August 2013

What Am I Grateful For?

Firstly I would like to apologise for maybe being a little negative for the last few days, it really has been a challenge for me since having my operation. However with this in mind I have decided to turn the tables and focus on the things in life I am grateful for:

  • My husband, without Phil I would be finding life so much harder; he is nursing me back to health and is a fantastic father to Ruby and Lottie
  • Ruby and Lottie, my two beautiful and amazing daughters who mean the world to me and life would be very dull without them.

  • Being able to represent pregnancy sickness support - yesterday I took part in a radio interview for my local BBC radio station. I hope to blog about this in greater detail shortly.

  • It may sound very cliche but my friends and family. I have been fortunate to make many new friends since I started to blog and I also have a fantastic family who have helped me so much.
  • To have a roof over my head; this may sound odd but I really am grateful that in these financial hard times we are coping OK.
  • Despite recently having knee surgery, my health is pretty good and in particular the last few days I am particularly grateful that I can see, I have enjoyed pottering around my garden and looking at the beautiful flowers.
  • Memories, I have some really wonderful memories ranging from spending a month in Africa to my wedding day to the birth of my daughters.
  • Having the ability to drive and own my own car (well, as soon as my knee heals!!).
  • To be debt free, except for having a mortgage.
  • Modern technology, it amazes me how quickly technology has moved on, I would feel lost without my phone and computer.
  • and last but my no means least ...... painkillers! without them I would be in a lot of pain right now!