Monday 15 July 2013

Ruby's Book Review

Since she was a little baby, Ruby has enjoyed looking at and reading books. My mum, Ruby's Nana, works at a playschool and has a particular interest in speech and language development; I think this one of the reasons that she is very very keen for Ruby and Lottie to have an interest in books. Nana went shopping last week and came home with a new book for Ruby to read; its a very special book called A Royal Fairytale - Kate and William.

As you can probably guess, the book follows the journey of how Kate and William met, how they went on to become husband and wife and are now expecting their first child very soon; albeit in a very basic form.

Ruby loves the book as it has a wedding in it; when asked what she liked about it, Ruby replied "they got married, Kate has a big pretty dress and a big cake; the queen has a big party but they wished for a baby".

As a parent I love this book as its a great way for Ruby to understand what is happening, as it is a true real life Fairytale story. The pictures are beautiful and the words used are perfect for Ruby's age; the book is not too long but perfect in length for a bedtime story. A Royal Fairytale retails at £6.99 however Amazon currently have it on offer for just £3.85 and I would highly recommend it.

As you would expect, the book does not give away the gender of baby or the day it is likely to be born, so when do we all think the royal baby will arrive and who wants to guess the babies gender and name?

I will start things off I think the baby will arrive on the 20th of July and be a girl and they will call her Charlotte. So am I right? Please comment and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Aaah! You've restored my faith. On Friday I read an article on yahoo titled "The world waits for news of the royal birth." At the bottom a million people had written 'who cares?' type comments which made me sad. I commented that i was excited, and my comment got taken down for getting too many thumbs down and someone even took the time to tell me I must have a very dull life to get excited by the Royal birth!
    I'll go for 18th July, girl, Grace. Tho my four year old son wants it to be a prince called "Charming"