Project H.O.P.E

"Helping Others & Promoting Education".

Following on from the articles that I have recently written on Hyperemesis Gravadirum, it became clear that there were a lot of people who wanted to share their stories in the hope of raising awareness and helping others; then the idea dawned on me..... why don't I have a section on my blog dedicated to raising awareness of life issues and in the process, allow other people to share their stories! Then as if by magic, I call it God given, I came up with the name H.O.P.E; this stands for Helping Others and Promoting Education!

Over time I would like the H.O.P.E concept to cover not just Hyperemesis, but any issues that may have an impact on someone life it could be anything  from pregnancy or labour complications, parenting or general health to life challenges. I hope charities will also link up too so together we can raise awareness where it is needed and educate people in the process.

If you would like to share your experience please get in touch; my details can be found on the contact page

You can tell your story anonymously if you want to. Together we can help others and promote education on a wide range of topics.

So here are a few of my posts that fall under the H.O.P.E banner:

My HOPE stories -
Stories of HOPE shared by others - 


  1. This is a great feature, I actually suffered from PND after the birth of my first daughter and felt really along at the time.
    I will go to your contact page and email you my link would love to make others aware.


    Now following from:

    1. Thank you Emily, it would be an honour to be able to share your story, and be able to raise much needed awareness too.