Monday 13 May 2013

I Love Mondays!

Most people don't tend to like Mondays as it is the start to the working week; I remember dreading Mondays  before having Ruby; don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I had a job that paid the bills, but it never did give me any great satisfaction.

I quite literally walked into my first job; I was a young inexperienced driver who had just had a minor car crash and was attending my local insurance brokers to fill out all of the necessary paperwork, I got chatting to one of the managers and was asked if I would like a job. I was about to complete some studies that I was undertaking and was just about to start looking for a job so, I decided to take on the role as an insurance advisor.

I eventually left that particular company as there was no room for progression and moved to a competitor;  over a period of time I started to gain more experience and enjoyed the more complex underwriting and legal side of insurance, however despite my willingness to learn, the company, in my mind, never helped me to reach my potential. In hindsight it was a blessing when I fell pregnant with Ruby and that I did not have to return to work.

I now love Mondays as its my time alone with the girls, having lots of fun! My mum also doesn't work on Mondays so its a good opportunity for us all to get together. We went out to visit a country house today, but when we got there we realised that it does not open on Mondays, so that put a spanner in the works!

With our down the pan, we really didn't know what to do to today and ended up just driving around; we got lost several times, which wasn't helped by the fact that the battery on my phone died!

In the end we visited a couple of garden centres. one of which had an animal section which both Ruby and Lottie loved. In particular they both enjoyed looking at the fish; Lottie even tried to touch them through the glass! It was very cute to see her trying to get them!

Lottie trying to touch the fish!

We arrived home mid afternoon and had a cup of tea; both girls fell asleep in the car and I think my mum and I would have done too if we could have!

In the late afternoon the girls and noticed that our library books were due to be returned, so Ruby and I read her favourite book for this month - The Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. We borrowed several other books which I blogged about here.

Cave Baby has been this months clear winner and this is Ruby's review.

What is the book about?

Ruby:   "A baby who lives in a cave and likes to paint walls even though is mummy and daddy tell him not to"

Do you like the pictures?

Ruby:   "Yes, It has lots and lots and lots of amazing pictures, shall I show you"

Is it funny?

Ruby:   "Yeah, I love it when he starts painting walls"

How many times have you read it?

Ruby:   "Errrm.... " (Ruby starts to count until she can't remember anymore numbers!)

Would you like mummy and daddy to renew it or give it back to the library?

Ruby:   "No!!!!  I love cave baby, can I keep it"

Ruby reading Cave Baby

I think it looks like I'm going to have to go out and buy a copy of Cave Baby as Ruby loves it so much and even knows all of the words off by heart!

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