Thursday 29 August 2013

Review: New Walkers Mighty Lights

The lovely people at Walkers Crisps have approached me once again, and this time they have sent the girls and me three multi-packs of their brand new crisps to try out and review. (You can read my last review here).

The Leicester based company claim that their new range of “Mighty Lights” rigid potato crisps are perfect for Kid’s lunch boxes, and have just launched three tasty flavours in time for the start of term. 

Mighty Lights are currently available in ‘Lightly Salted’, ‘Roast Chicken’ and ‘Cheese & Onion’ flavours.

So here are a few reasons why Walkers are so proud of their new range of Mighty Lights crisps:
  • They contain 30% Less Fat on average than standard potato crisps 
  • They have no artificial Colours or Preservatives 
  • They are free of MSG (one of the most abundant non-essential amino acids) 
  • They are a source of Fibre 
  • All flavours, including Roast Chicken, are suitable for Vegetarians 
  • They are made from real Potatoes 

It is quite clear from the packaging that Mighty Lights are being marketed with kids in mind, with bright bold colours and a witty caricature of a crisp with tiny stick arms and legs, whose much larger shadow is projected on the wall behind him, making him look much bigger and much mightier. The packs brandish the tag line “Mighty in Flavour, Low in Fat”. Ruby loved the bright packaging and was impressed by the little crisp figure man.

All three varieties tasted really nice, although I didn’t think they had as much flavour as a regular packet of Walkers crisps. Ruby ate her first pack so quick, it is definitely a hit with her, and even Lottie managed to munch her way through a packet too. My husband particularly liked the Roast Chicken flavour, although he would have loved Walkers to make a Salt and Vinegar flavour.

If I am being honest, we don’t buy crisps very often in our household, however as the occasionally treat I would definitely be happy to give the girls Mighty Lights as they are much healthier than many other varieties of crisps; they contain 30% less fat than regular packet of crisps and there are no artificial colours of preservatives. 

With healthy eating being a big topic in schools at the moment, I appreciate that some of you may be a little wary about including crisps and snacks in your little ones’ lunch boxes. If you are unsure about the suitability of Mighty Lights as a lunchtime snack for your children, or would like to find out more information on them, you can check out the Mighty Lights website for a full list of typical nutritional values, ingredients and allergy advice - I am impressed that Walkers are being particularly mindful of the fact that these are being marketed for children’s lunch boxes, and as such have provided full transparency on the facts and figures - well done Walkers!

For us, I think it’s safe to say that these will be making an appearance in Ruby’s school lunch box every so often.

Ruby + Lottie Rating: 8 / 10

Disclaimer: This is a paid review however all opinions and thoughts are my own and that of my daughters.