Friday 31 May 2013

Messy Play - Making Marks!

I can't believe how up and down the weather has been lately; how can this be possible as we are entering into June tomorrow! This week has gone by so incredibly fast, I think because hubbie has been away I have been so busy doing everything on my own; I can't wait for the weekend so I can catch up on some rest!

We haven't had the paint and tuff tray out for a couple of days so decided today was the day to use it and get messy. Ruby and I spent some time over lunch trying to decide what to do; then I remembered that the lovely Jennie from edspire had set a theme for this weeks Messy Play for Matilda Mae. The theme is 'making marks'. There were several things that we could have done to suit this theme, but Ruby decided to go with making marks with her hands and feet!

As a family we owe Jennie a massive thank you, as without her inspiration, this blog would have never have been created, and Ruby and Lottie would not be having as much fun as they are now. On a personal note, I feel I have become a better mother to the girls as I now research and plan our days to make them more fun rather than just putting on a DVD or Cbeebies.

Every time I mention the tuff tray to Ruby, she gets very excited, and today was no exception! She jumped up and down and couldn't wait to get her socks off! Lottie seemed very excited too as she kept crawling into the tray!

Lottie wanted to join in!

Ruby chose which colour paints and paper she wanted; initially I started to paint her feet which she found very amusing, she couldn't stop laughing as she said it was tickling her!

After a while Ruby felt confident painting her own hands and feet and now I don't worry too much about the mess, but not too long ago I would be panicking straight away!

Gaining in confidence and painting her own hand

After Ruby had finished painting, we let the paint dry before we cut around the hand and foot prints and arranged them into the shape of a flower before glueing them onto the card to create a lovely picture.

All cut out!

I think it's safe to say Ruby thoroughly enjoyed painting her feet and hands and the end result was a lot better than I had imagined; Ruby has definitely left foot and hand print marks to form this picture that now has pride of place on the wall.


The finished master piece!