Saturday 11 May 2013

10 Months In and Still Feeding!

I can't believe I now have a 10 month old baby girl, let alone the fact I have been breastfeeding her for 10 months too! Never in a million years did I think I would complete one breastfeed with Lottie, let alone 10 whole months worth! I am so proud of what Lottie and I have achieved and I am amazed at how well Lottie and I have worked in partnership to create our very special bond through breastfeeding.

Our journey has had what feels like a million and one hurdles, an uphill battle with lots of tears, but together we have done it and I will write our story of how we got to where we are now when I get some time, I promise. Even with Lottie being 10 months of age I don't see us stopping anytime soon! I don't feel ready to give it up and whilst she still wants mummy milk, I will continue to do feed her until something changes for me or her.

Breastfeeding a tiny Lottie

When I was pregnant with Lottie, I never considered that I would be breastfeeding after my some what failed attempt at trying to feed Ruby, and as such I never went out of my way to buy any nursing bras. I had a couple that I bought when Ruby was a baby, so I just used them this time around. Its taken what feels like ages for my breasts to feel more normal and I was really happy to be asked to review a nursing bra by Bravado Designs.

Bravado Designs having been making nursing bras for over 20 years and I was very fortunate to be sent their body silk seamless nursing bra to try out. I was so excited when this landed through the door and rushed to open the parcel and have a look. There are so many different colours to choose from, so much more than plain and boring black or white; I trialed a turquoise one. The quality is brilliant and it feels so soft and silky; I couldn't wait to try it on! After trying it on it instantly felt so comfortable, this particular bra comes with foam inserts which are fab as I am on the small side; these boosted me and gave me a really good look when wearing a skinny t-shirt. The bra is so well designed that you can even insert breast pads into the bra its self, which is fab as breast pads no longer fall out on me!

It wasn't long until Lottie was due to her feed, and the bra was very easy to unclip;  I initially found it a little bit fiddly when I had the inserts in the bra, as I couldn't get the cup to flop down properly, however over time when I had worn it in, it became much easier.

The bra has a RRP of £29.70 and I would highly recommend; so much so in fact that I am going to be purchasing one in pink very shortly!

For more details you can visit their website -

In other breaking news, Lottie has cut her 2 bottom teeth this week and is very very near to crawling ekkk!!! What has happened to my little baby, why can't she stay little forever as I love the age she is at now!

Disclaimer:I was sent a Bravado Bra for free to try out however all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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