Monday 6 May 2013

A Swell Bank Holiday!

I hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday; is it me or do bank holiday weekends seem to go quicker than regular weekends, even though we get an extra day together as a family!

We were supposed to have a reasonably quiet weekend, however as Friday evening drew in I knew there would be no chance of that. Ruby came home from playschool with slightly red cheeks, I thought nothing of it until later in the evening her face started to swell! I asked Ruby what she had been doing at playschool to try and find out if she had fallen over or something else had happened; fortunately she remembered that she had been playing outside and that one of the teachers had put sun cream on her. I gave some Piriton in the hope that this would reduce the swelling, but after another couple of hours it was not having any effect. We took her down to my local minor injuries unit and were advised to go to the hospital; the hospital confirmed she was in fact having an allergic reaction. I can't believe Ruby is allergic to a type of sun cream.

Swollen face!

Saturday is normally action packed with swimming and ballet but due to Ruby's allergic reaction, she didn't attend her classes; only Lottie went for her swimming lesson.

Ruby and I had a girlie afternoon leaving hubbie and Lottie at home whilst we hit the shops! I love having a daughter, she's my little best friend and I love how much she enjoys my company. Ruby helped me do the weekly food shop, oh how I have missed eating a variety of food since taking part in the live below the line campaign.

In the evening Ruby and I had a pajama party, in which we ate cakes and watched TV in bed before we both fell asleep; hubbie ended up sleeping on the floor as he didn't want to disturb Ruby!

Cake makes everything better! 

Sunday was spent at home relaxing before we went out for a meal to celebrate my sister's birthday. Ruby had a great time playing with some children in the pub garden. It always amazes me how confident Ruby is with other children; despite being the youngest she stands up for herself and always tends to take charge! I wonder where she gets this from? Anyone who knows me can confidently say that out of hubbie and I, I am the one who is strong willed (hubbie says stubborn!)!

Ruby and Auntie Tegan being silly at the restaurant! 

Today we ventured out with a picnic to a local country park and I shall write more about this on tomorrow's blog post. I hope everyone had a fun bank holiday, what did you do?

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