Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday Picnic!

Yesterday was a really lovely family day. We got up bright and early and as the weather was being very kind to us, we decided to pack a picnic and head off out for some nice green fields!

Ruby had great fun helping me pack the picnic, she even made her and Lotties sandwiches. We had lots and lots of fun packing our picnic with the food being mostly chosen by Ruby!

Our Picnic!

We decided to venture over to Coombe Abbey, which is a lovely country park about 40 minutes drive from our houseThere are over 500 acres of beautiful gardens, woodland and lakeside walks to explore and not to mention some fantastic adventure playgrounds for the children too!

Coombe Abbey

When we arrived at just before 11am and the carpark was becoming busy; thankfully we managed to find a parking space relatively easily.

We headed off to the park and enjoyed some time playing; it was really quite busy so we went for a walk through some forests until we found the perfect spot to each our picnic. We all enjoyed our picnic, but I don't think hubbie enjoyed carrying it as it was very heavy!

I could not finish it all! 

Hubbie carrying everything!

Ruby enjoyed riding her balance bike through the woods and around the park, whilst Lottie on the other hand liked being noisy whilst I carried her in the wrap. I was surprised that with all the families at Coombe Abbey, I didn't see anyone else with a baby in a wrap; although a few people did comment on how comfy Lottie looked in hers!

We saw some swans and ducks on the river. Whilst going through one of the woods we came across a den; Ruby decided to explore it to see if the Gruffalo was inside!

No Gruffalo in here!

We also had great fun walking and balancing on some logs and playing peek a boo behind the trees which Lottie in particular really enjoyed.

Lottie wrapped up!

As we were leaving, the park was becoming so busy, people were queuing to get in and cars were parking a mile down the road on both verges! We had a really lovely time and would highly recommend Coombe Abbey to everyone for a really cheap day out, it only cost us £3.70!

This is my entry to the tots100/Centerparcs May challenge


  1. What beautiful pictures! Your little ones look like they are having a great time. Shame there was no gruffalo :)

    1. We all had a great day and Ruby was a little upset not to find the Gruffalo x

  2. Lovely pictures of all the family, what a great place to visit and spend a happy sunny day exploring and having fun. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

    1. It certainly is worth a visit if you are ever over this way. x

  3. Wow I love your picnic basket - I really want one like that for this summer :) This place sounds great and really reasonable! I love the photos of the little one in the wood, great post

    Laura x

    1. My mum bought me the picnic basket as a wedding present nearly 5 years ago and it was from Joules. x

  4. Great picnic basket :) Lovely photos - especially Lottie playing peekaboo! #CountryKids

    1. Yes I love that photo too, thanks for commenting x

  5. Gorgeous photos and also love your picnic basket!!

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