Wednesday 1 May 2013

Summer and Sand!

I absolutely love the summer, I am always prone to feeling cold and I have to take a few hot waters to bed with me to keep me warn. All my winter clothes are thick jumpers and I can't wait to wear my lovely summer things and enjoy being outside with the girls. I can't see Summer coming anytime soon as this week we have had the heating on a lot of the time.

Over the weekend I decided to try and lift our moods and think about the Summer, when it eventually comes, fingers crossed it does! I decided to put sand in the Tuff Spot and to make things even more special I buried some hidden treasure!

Ready to play!

When Ruby woke up I told her we were going to the beach and she replied mummy, I need to take some things with me; I asked her what and she told me she needed to pack her nightie, new clothes, teddies and toys. Ruby's memory always fascinates me, she perfectly recalled our last holiday where we went on to Caister on Sea back in November last year; we stayed in an 8 berth caravan for a long weekend and watched fireworks on the beach, it was a really lovely time. I would love nothing more than to go somewhere warm for a holiday but because of how tight money is, this is not an option; were hoping to be able to afford a caravan holiday towards the end of the year. I am newly converted to caravan holidays since having the girls; you have everything you need and want, you can make your own dinners and keep the costs down to a minimum whilst enjoying all the park has to offer. I love it!

During breakfast Ruby was getting very excited as she could see out of the kitchen and into the playroom. She raced to eat her breakfast and got dressed into her shorts and t-shirt! Hubbie had been playing with the sand last night and built a sand castle for Ruby to play with; I think even he is enjoying messy play with the girls!

Hubbie 'playing' the night before!

Just as we were about to let Ruby play in the sand, Auntie Kayleigh turned up to play in the sand too! Ruby spent ages playing with the little men and pirates and doing lots of different role plays with them. I had hidden the treasure under the sand and sandcastle. Ruby was initially not very keen on putting her feet into the sand but it wasn't long before she started to live it, she jumped onto the sandcastle and found one item of buried treasure, this set her off on a hunt for more and so she went digging in the sand and found some golden coins and jewelry!

Ruby with her gold coins!

Ruby had so much fun playing in the sand and decided to walk in it too! Lottie enjoyed putting her hands in the sand, however all she wanted to do was eat it!

Socks off!

I was a little bit nervous about how much sand would cover the carpet in the playroom but to be honest hardly any did and it was very easy to clean up; I am certain that we will be having the sand out again for another treasure hunt!

Play time over with very little mess!