Friday, 24 May 2013

Bad Mummy Today?

Today I have not really felt like doing anything, the weather has put a dampen on all the things I had planned and I have started to get a cold. At times today I have felt like a bad mummy.

Am I a bad mummy because I put the girls in front of the TV,
But then I browse the net?
Am I a bad mummy because I let my daughter cry,
But then I can't hold her all day?
Am I a bad mummy because I did not play with her?

Am I a bad mummy because I hid the biscuits from the girls,
But then ate them in a different room?
Am I a bad mummy because I want a hot drink,
But then I can't drink it in peace?
Am I a bad mummy because I want quiet?

Am I a bad mummy because I want me time,
But then I miss my babies?
Am I am bad mummy because I want to do something for me,
But then will I not get time with the girls?
Am I then, a bad mummy?

No I am not.
I know I am a good mummy,
But I need to find me.
I am not just a mummy,
I am also me!

Can anyone relate to this?


  1. Absolutely can relate 100% xxx

  2. Oh yes. The plonk in front of the telly guilt whilst browsing the web. Thanks for posting this. Its something I ask myself on the very tired blah days! x

    1. Your welcome and thanks for posting xx

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