Saturday 4 May 2013

Living Below The Line - I Did It!

I want to first start of by thanking everyone for their encouragement and kind donations of sponsorship; this really helped to keep me going during the tough times when I felt like giving up!

This challenge has been very very hard and for anyone who thinks its easy, I challenged you to give it a go.

Every day I became more and more tired; on the second day I felt tired at around 4pm, whereas on the final day I didn't even want to get out of bed! The tiredness was really bad, I hardly  had the energy to do anything, I put off doing things that I would normally do, like the family food shop etc.

As well as physically feeling shattered emotionally I felt on the edge of tears most of the time, just thinking how some people have to live like this constantly, is too hard to bear and think about. I feel so grateful to have running water, gas and electricity.

I have learnt a lot from my week on living below the line; it is possible to live on £1 a day, however the food is boring, lacking in variety and is not very filling; it contains so little calories. I wish everyone well who takes part in this task but I really don't want to live below the line ever again; at least I am fortunate have the choice.

There is still time if you would like to donate -