Saturday 13 April 2013

What is in a name?

Today has been the usually Saturday, Ballet for Ruby and swimming for both the girls. Whilst watching Lottie have her swimming lesson I got talking to another mummy; we talked about various things and got on to the topic of names we had given to our children; why we had picked them and did they have any meaning?

My Lottie Bump!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew that there was no way that I could go through the entire pregnancy not knowing the sex of the baby. I do not like surprises at the best of times so at 16 weeks we decided to go for a private ultrasound scan. I had been struggling physically as I had Hyperemesis Gravidrum and we hoped knowing the babies sex would give me a bit of a boost and help me to bond with the baby. I secretly hoped for a girl as I love everything girlie and pink and to my excitement we found out we were having a girl.

16 Week Scan with Ruby

The hard task of deciding on a name began, we had many conversations and eventually decided on Ruby Emily Sheila. Ruby is a precious gemstone and hubbie and I both believe that Ruby is a very precious gift entrusted to us. As I had the main say on Ruby's first name it was only fair that hubbie got to pick a middle name he chose Emily purely because he liked it. For middle names we were initially only going to settle for one however because my Nana died when I was pregnant with Ruby, we decided it would be a fitting tribute to her to use her name so Sheila was added. After we had chosen her name I really felt like I began to bond with her whilst she was still growing inside me.

Call it fate or not, but after my Nana's death we visited her flat and found an earring with a red stone, unfortunately we could only find one, so hubbie and I decided that we should use the stone and have it set into a ring to remember my Nana. Ruby was due to be born in August however she arrived early and just made July; the birth stone for July is a Ruby!

Fast forward 3 years and I was pregnant again, and yet again suffering with Hyperemesis; we decided to go for another private scan to help with bonding! To my surprise we were told we were having another little girl.

Lottie at 0.5cm's!

Lottie's full name is actually Charlotte Eva May, however I have always shortened it to Lottie as I think it sounds lovely and girlie! There was no particular reason why we picked Charlotte, hubbie and I both just liked it. Whilst suffering for the second time with Hyperemesis Gravidrum I was admitted to hospital when I was only a few weeks pregnant and was offered an ultrasound scan to confirm if there was more than one baby;  they actually thought I was carrying twins because of how bad the sickness was. During the scan the lady  informed me that I was very fortunate to have fallen pregnant so easily as I have a very twisted and tilted uterus and it was one of the worst she had seen for someone of my age. This came as quite a shock to me and I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to have 2 daughters. Lottie's middle name Eva means life which I feel is very appropriate when I think back to what the doctors told me about my uterus. Hubbie's grandma sadly passed away before I found out I was pregnant and we decided to add her middle name to Lottie's in order to remember her, like what we did with Ruby.

16 Week Scan with Lottie

I still love the names we chose for the girls and I especially like that they have a meaning behind them too.