Saturday 6 April 2013

Facing your fears!

Today has been a typical Saturday in the Tyler household. Ballet for Ruby before both of the girls attended their swimming lessons. The weather has been very kind today and we managed to have some water play in the garden too!

Water Play!

My post for today has been inspired by an old friend, Holly, whom I have recently started to get back in touch with. Holly had never learnt to swim as a child so recently took the decision to book swimming lessons. I was so excited for her and admire her courage so much as she was facing her fear. Holly undertook her first swimming lesson a couple of days ago and after initially using floats, managed a few lengths; I feel so incredibly proud of what she has achieved.

There are many things in life that cause people to panic and a lot of the time it is our own minds over-thinking things, the what ifs, what's going to go wrong? I am certainly guilty of on occasions feeling that I am unable to do something and over think it. My own mother didn't learn to drive until later in life; She was adamant that as soon as I turned 17 I would have lessons and learn straight away! It was one of the best things I ever did; I became independent, and as such was able to find a job, learned to budget for the costs of running a car and gain some responsibilities.

In recent years, through the support of my family and in particular my husband who is my rock, I have faced a lot of fears!

Whilst pregnant with Ruby and Lottie I was scared of labor and pain and worried how I would cope, fortunately my body's in built mechanisms took hold and I actually enjoyed my labors and wouldn't mind doing them all over again!

Towards the end of last year a lady walked straight out in front of me whilst driving; it really shook me up knowing that I could have killed her; fortunately I was travelling at less than 30 miles per hour and she went on to have a full recovery. Lottie was also in the car but fortunately the shards of broken glass missed her completely. I spent a good number of weeks feeling on edge, avoiding driving and not wanting to leave the house. It took a lot of courage and determination to get my confidence back.

Poorly Car!

Since Ruby's birth I've wanted to have a career and through the encouragement and belief in me by other people, I completed an access to nursing and midwifery diploma with very high grades; but I still doubt myself at times and wonder if I'm good enough. At present I am enjoying the time I have with Lottie whilst she's little before I embark on a career into midwifery.

Facing our fears is hard, but the rewards for actually doing so are unbeatable; I believe if you surround yourself in people who believe in you, even if you yourself can't, then you will have the strength to face your fears.

What are your fears? Will you overcome them or continue to let them be fears?


  1. lorna jayne upton6 April 2013 at 20:03

    I had a really bad fear of water and never learnt to swim when i was younger. but a couple of years ago while in lanzarote, my little sister in law cody who is a brilliant swimmer and surfer managed to help me overcome my fear and i learnt to swim, i am so proud that i did it and thank cody for being such a patient teacher! x

    1. I am so pleased you managed to overcome your fear and you do not let it hold you back anymore. xx