Wednesday 3 April 2013

Counting Your Blessings!

Today has been a difficult day for me as my body just seems to have crashed; I wasn't feeling 100% throughout the Easter bank holiday weekend but I carried on as normal. Last night I crashed; I went to bed really early, even before Lottie and struggled to get to sleep; to make things worse Hubbie has been ill too. The girls and I have had a very quiet day; I told ruby I wasn't feeling very well and said I needed her to be my doctor, to which she replied "Mummy don't be silly, I'm not a grown up, I'm a child!". She then gave me lots of kisses and Cuddles - don't children say the sweetest things sometimes? Every time Lottie says Mamma or Ruby says I love you, my heart melts in a way I never experienced before having children.

Lottie smile

The little things in life are priceless and it saddens me how as a country we feel we have to have new this, new that etc. I was fortunate enough to go to Tanzania in Africa in my late teens for a month and experienced a little bit of what life is really like in a developing country. The people I met had nothing but the community spirit in my opinion was far higher than it is here in the UK. Sometimes I think everyone should visit a country that has so little, to appreciate what we have.

I am especially thankfully today for healthcare, my family, fresh clean water, food, heating and a car. In the part of Africa I went they had none of these; as a country I feel we should start count our blessings.

Memories of Africa

Ian Duncan smith has been challenged to live off £53 per week which is what a person on benefits is entitled to. In Africa there is no benefit system, if you don't work or can't, then you don't get any money or you have to rely on your family and community to provide for you. In Africa people live on less than £1 per day , we are very fortunate to have a benefit system to support people in need, as others are not so fortunate.

I'm hoping to take part in live below the line, it is a campaign that aims to challenge the way people in the country think about poverty. Details can be found here - 

So who's going to join me?

Since spending time in Africa I have learnt how to count my blessings and appreciate even the smallest of things. 

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