Saturday 27 April 2013

10 Things My Girls Have Taught Me!

Here are ten things that I have learnt since becoming a parent:

Ruby and Lottie

  1. To live on a budget and that every spare penny I have, I want to spend it on them.

  2. That there is no such thing as a lie-in anymore and that 5 o'clock in the morning actually exists!

  3. To laugh more than I ever thought possible.

  4. To cry a lot too!

  5. To greater appreciate my own parents for what they did for me.

  6. That life passes by way too quickly and we should treasure every minute together.

  7. That I have an inbuilt maternal instinct.

  8. To appreciate the smaller things in life, like cuddling and kissing my girls.

  9. That being a mummy is a really hard job, but so very rewarding too.

  10. But most of all I have learnt what Unconditional Love is.