Thursday 4 April 2013

Guest Blogger - Stacey on her journey to motherhood!

Yesterday I wrote about counting my blessings and one of the biggest blessing I have are my girls. I was fortunate to be able to fall pregnant very quickly, however this is not always the case as today's guest blogger Stacey details in today's post.

I'm honoured to have been asked to write a guest post for Ruby & Lottie!

With the end of the most recent series of One Born Every Minute, it's a good time to reflect. We all focus on the joy of becoming a parent, and seeing our baby for the first time, but what about the journey to get there? Before you start trying to conceive, you usually have this idea of how easy it is to fall pregnant (well, I did anyway!) and don't consider that you could still be trying two years down the line.

Well that was the case for me.

We started trying to conceive back in January 2009, 6 months after we were married. I was having problems with my cycles at the time but I was naïve and thought that they would sort themselves out and I would fall pregnant straight away. Fast forward 6 months, and we were still no further; in fact, I had probably been on my period for the majority of that time! I know 6 months is a short time in the grand scheme of things, but with what was happening to me, I was becoming increasingly depressed, so I went to the GP. She sent me away with the contraceptive pill, hoping that this would correct my cycles somewhat, but we were still trying; you know, we thought we might have an accident or something...

Fast forward another 6 months, and off the pill I came, no pregnancy, still trying. We went back to the GP and after a discussion with the other GP's, she decided that it would be best to refer us to the fertility clinic. So all the tests started. First we needed blood tests and a sample from hubby to be referred. These were done and the results sent off, and our referral letter was probably my happiest moment of that year (2010)! It took another few months whilst other tests were carried out, and in March we were finally told that we would be given clomid (a fertility drug). Unfortunately our first round didn't work, but the consultant upped my dosage for the second round, and it was successful. I finally ovulated, and 2.5 years after we had started trying to conceive, we finally got our long awaited and much wanted BFP in July 2011!

This was an incredibly long, heart wrenching, difficult journey for us, but seeing & hearing our baby at the end of it in March 2012, made it all worthwhile. I will never forget our journey; I will even tell and show my son all about it when he is old enough to understand. I am proud. Proud that we managed to overcome infertility, and I am now a little fish in a big sea, trying to break the taboo of infertility.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey to motherhood Stacey, and I am so happy that you have an amazing little man. 

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