Tuesday 9 April 2013

Bye Bye Easter and a Big Thank You!

Well the Easter holidays now seem like a distant past, however we still have plenty of Easter eggs to eat! Ruby has today started back at play school, it is hard to believe this time next week we will find out which school she will be attending. We applied back in December last year and put down two choices however there is only really one we would really like her to attend.

Lottie enjoying one to one play with mummy!

The first school, the one we want Ruby to go to is fairly big and we believe offers Ruby's more opportunities in terms of extra curricula activities and they also teach a couple of languages too.  This school also offers a before and after school club which will come in handy when I apply to university. It is also the school that I attended as a child and happens to be in the village where the majority of my family live, so very handy in case we need help in picking Ruby up. The second school just did not inspire me at all but its the one in the catchment area for our home. The ofsted for this second school is rated as good however whilst looking around this school Ruby would not leave my side unlike the first where she wanted to stay and play all day!

It's so hard knowing if as a parent we are making the best choices for Ruby, I am scared in case we get it wrong as I know how important early years education is and how it will be a step in shaping her entire education and future career. Really scary when you think about it like that! I hope I have made the right decision! Does anyone else feel like this?

I am going to miss Ruby when she starts school in September its hard to believe she was once my baby girl and how grown up she is becoming. How I wish I could wrap her up and keep her little for a while longer. I think this is why I am willing Lottie to stay tiny and not actively encouraging her in things that make her seem grown up like walking and crawling.

Ruby as a baby.

With Ruby at playschool for the majority of the day the house was very quiet with just Lottie and I. We had fun playing together, reading stories and as the weather was so lovely I wrapped her and we headed out for a lovely walk around the surrounding countryside.

Wrapped up and ready for our walk

Peace was soon shattered when Ruby came home buzzing from playschool and telling me how she had missed everyone and what she had been doing today.

One of today's play school creations!

I do love peace and quiet but as soon as the girls are in bed for about an hour I find it too quiet! I love nothing more than hearing them play together and Lottie squealing at Ruby with sheer delight when she sees her first thing in the morning.

Lottie and Ruby playing together

Today also marks 2 weeks of blogging, where has the time gone? I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has said such lovely positive comments, it really does mean a great deal to me. Looking back I can't believe I did not start blogging sooner as it has made me more prepared to do activities with the girls other than the norm, We have all benefited from it and had so much fun. Ruby now asks to make or paint something or even get the glue out, something she never did before so her confidence is definitely building in this area.

Hubbie is working away tonight so I'm hoping both girls enjoy a good nights sleep so I can wake up feeling refreshed too!