Thursday 4 July 2013

Transition - Playschool to School

Ruby attended another open afternoon at school recently and I have to say I have been very impressed with how her playschool and school are dealing with this transition. Moving to a different place can be an incredibly daunting time for a child, but as a parent I am so reassured and confident that Ruby will be very prepared come September. 

Over the last couple of months at playschool, the children going to school have been put into small groups to spend some time with one of the playschool leaders, who has talked to them about the school and shown them photos and pictures of the school building; they have even tried dressing up and putting on a school uniform. Ruby particularly loved the dressing up as this is something she does most days at home, however I think she will be disappointed come September when she has to wear her uniform and not a Disney princess costume! 

School Uniform!

The school have been working with the playschool, and the teachers have visited the playschool and spent time with the children so that they will know a familiar face. 

Ruby has had a couple of visits to her new school and on both occasions has thoroughly enjoyed her time and not looked back to see me and give me a kiss or hug. On one occasion the teacher was reading one of Ruby's all time favourite stories, the tiger who came for tea. Ruby has the book and has even seen the tiger who came for tea at the theatre, so is very familiar with the words; whilst the teacher was reading it, Ruby was saying it out aloud too. The teacher was amazed that she knew it word for word, but I guess that happens when you really love a story!

Hubbie and I attended an open evening last week and any fears we had about Ruby starting school has been well and truly blown away, we were both amazed at how passionate and open the teachers were and they inspired us, making us want to relive and go back to school ourselves. We were also told who Ruby's teacher will be and I am very pleased with who she has as I believe this teachers personality will really inspire and engage Ruby and help her to achieve so much. 

I am really looking forward to seeing the wonderful things Ruby will learn and can't wait to hear how her first day goes; but I am really going to miss having at home during the day. I am reassured that she is in a school that I really do believe in and I am confident that she will learn and flourish there.