Wednesday 3 July 2013

Birthday Present = Stress!

Yesterday Ruby was at playschool, so I thought I would take the opportunity to try and get some bits together for her birthday. She has already had a Little Tykes 8 in 1 climbing frame, but I just wanted to get her a few bits for her to open on the day; I find shopping for Ruby so easy, maybe its because I know her personality, I know her likes and dislikes.

Ruby used to be a tom-boy, but over the last few months something has changed and everything has to be princessy and pink! I love it!

Whilst shopping today I managed to buy Ruby a new nightie with belle from beauty and the beast on it, a couple of Tinker Bell DVDs which were on special offer and a princess pocket kite. I then bought some balloons and a table cloth, all of course with, if you could not guess.... Disney princesses!

I am really struggling to know what to buy Lottie as its her birthday a week on Thursday; I have no idea where the time has gone, how can my baby be 1 already? I really am not sure how I feel about it.

Lottie really does not want for anything, she has everything she could possibly want and will do for the
foreseeable future, thanks to having an older sister who was born in the same month just 3 years apart. I am just stumped, I want to get her something but I have no idea what. In some ways I wish I had, had a boy second time round as it would have made Christmas and Birthdays so much easier. Lottie is still to gain a personality that I can read and know what she wants, so what do I buy her because if I don't buy her anything I am going to be feeling guilty.

I am thinking of buying her a charm for her charm bracelet, but Pandora make so many charms I have no idea which to get!

I have shared my dilemma with some friends on twitter, but still I am unsure what to buy her; So if you have any ideas please please share them with me I would be so grateful.


  1. Don't feel guilty! At age 1 they don't really understand presents... you can splash out on her presents as she gets older and has more of an opinion on what she does and doesn't like!

    It's hard when they don't need anything, but maybe buy her some clothes that are new for her and not hand-me-downs? Or buy something you can do with her... some canvases and paints and let her go wild creating her own art (outside or on a massive splashmat of course!!) Or buy things she will appreciate over the coming year, build a stash of toddler-friendly activities you can dip in to as she gets older? They don't have to be things she'll enjoy right now, because let's face it one-year-olds tend to prefer the paper and boxes to the actual gift anyway ;)

    1. Thank you, I have decided to buy her, her first pair of shoes and a new dress. X

  2. It's also my daughters birthday in two months time. I plan on getting her a smartrike, a scuttlebug and some megabriks. She also will get a charm for her pandora bracelet. Not sure which one yet.

    1. There are so many lovely charms aren't there, its so hard to know which one to get! X

  3. Ooh lovely things! I'd say the pretty cake charm for a first birthday :)