Tuesday 9 July 2013

A Sunny Day = Water Play!

The last few days have been a welcome break from the cold weather that we have recently been experiencing, I don't want to jinx things, but is it now safe to say summer has arrived and is it here to stay? I really do hope that this is the case, as I love the warm weather and so does Ruby.

As many people are already aware, Ruby has had really nasty reactions to suncream (more details here); this has been a real worry for me and I am very very grateful to so many people for their valuable help and support; from fellow parents offering advice, to some very generous sun cream manufacturers who have saved me the trouble of buying bottles of suncream, only for them to be wasted if Ruby unfortunately has a reaction to them. Well I am incredibly pleased and relieved that we have finally found a suncream that does not cause a reaction! Ruby can enjoy the sun whilst being protecting too!!

Out of all of the varieties we tried, No-AD Sun care is our new favourite suncream. We had never heard about No-Ad until I received a tweet from them asking if I would like to try one of their products, and of course I said yes. I was a bit wary of putting the suncream on Ruby, so I waited until a day where I could observe her to see if she had a reaction, but I need not have worried as she was absolutely fine. When I applied the suncream I soon realised that it was different to many other alternatives that I have used, as it just blended into her skin so well without leaving white mess, it properly absorbed into her skin. The other good point about this suncream is that it doesn't cost a fortune! The people at No-AD have been so very helpful,  even down to the small things like maintaining contact and wanting to know how Ruby was a couple of hours after applying the cream to check she has not had any reactions.

For anyone stocking up on suncream and in need of something that is reasonably priced and very sensitive and kind to skin, I highly recommend that you look into purchasing some No-AD. I would like to thank No-AD and all of the suncream manufacturers that got in touch for their generosity and support.

Ruby's all time favourite activities are anything that involves water, so you can imagine the smiles beaming from Ruby's face when I told her that today was a lovely sunny day and that she could go into her paddling pool and play. Not content with just the paddling pool, we had to make things more exciting; her old slide was positioned into the paddling pool and Ruby's played for ages sliding down, getting out and re going down the slide time and time again.

Then out came to the tuff tray so that Ruby could play with her pirates. She pretend that the pirates where on there way to pineapple island; apparently there was a shark coming to get them! Ruby's imagination absolutely amazes me every single day. I could honestly see her writing children's stories when she is older!

Throughout the day, starting actually at 9am in fact, Ruby worked her way through numerous ice creams and icelollys; its a very good job I have plenty in the freezer. Lets hope that this weather continues!

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