Friday 19 July 2013

School's Out!

Most schools are breaking up for the summer holidays tomorrow, although here in Leicestershire the schools actually broke up last week and Ruby had her last session at playschool last Friday. To be honest, I don't think it has really sunk into her, that she will never have another day at playschool. Ruby knows that she will be going to big school soon. Ruby's former playschool, and the primary school she will be attending have done a lot of preparation with her so that the transition should go smoothly; I have previously written about this here.

As Ruby will be spending her summer holidays with me rather than in any form of child, I have decided to write a list of things that we would like to achieve; here are some that Ruby and I came up with:
  • Go to a Beach
  • Eat lots of Icecream
  • Fly a Kite
  • Have lots of Water Fun in the Garden
  • Visit a Farm Park
  • Go to the Park for a Picnic
  • Camp in a Tent
  • Go Swimming
  • Take part in lots of Messy Play, including Painting

We went to the supermarket today to stock up on a few bits; I noticed that there were tubs of chalk for just £1, "what a bargain" I thought and I was right.

Ruby spent time in and out of the paddling pool, and enjoyed making pictures and marks on the path, she has turned into a little graffiti artist and every slab was soon covered in a chalk picture.

Ruby loved chalk paintings and I think it's safe to say that these will be used on a daily basis to draw on slabs whilst the sun is shinning.

Looking back at the list, there is one the thing that is paramount; this summer holiday must and will consist of lots and lots of fun!

What do you have planned for the summer holidays and how are you keeping your children entertained?


  1. My kids love chalks! Will have a look for these in my supermarket!

    1. Would really recommend getting the really thick chalks as so easy to hold and last longer too. x

  2. Love giant chalks, we are off to Brighton tomorrow to see Grandma and I bet the chalks will come out there with the children's cousins around too. A great holiday idea, thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for commenting, can't believe its taken us long to go and get some chalk as Ruby loves it. x

  3. We love chalk! I actually sometimes take it out and about with us as well as bubbles and a ball! We like to have plenty of options :) hmmm wonder if we can manage camping in a tent? We are also yet to fly a kite!

    1. You could camp in a tent in the garden? That is what I think we are going to do. x