Monday 1 July 2013

A Month of Celebrations!

July is a very special month mixed with lots of different celebrations, but three in particular are very important.

Little Lottie will be turning one on the 11th, where has the time gone? We're still not really sure what we are going to do to celebrate her birthday, but were thinking of having a lovely family day out somewhere; it will depend on the weather. I would have hope it will be lovely and sunny but with how the weather has been lately I don't hold out much hope.

Ruby will also be celebrating her fourth birthday on the 31st, I am still struggiling to get my head around the fact that she will be starting school at the end of August, I know she is ready and full of confidence but part of me, purely for selfish reasons, wants to keep her at home so I can spend more time with her; she is just so much fun to be around.

Thirdly, its My wedding anniversary on 26th; 5 years ago I was sorting out table plans and worrying over all the little details and what if and could go wrong.

On another note, if you are enjoying reading my blog and would like to follow, you will see at the top right of the page some new icons which contains links to the Facebook page, twitter account, google +, Instagram and RSS feed. You can also follow my blog on bloglovin, network blogs or google friends connect.

Lastly I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered my first ever give away to win a Breastvest and the winner has now been notified and shall be receiving their price shortly. Following on from the success of the giveaway I have been asked if I would like to host another and have decided that around the time of Lotties birthday a new giveaway will start; details of the prize will be up on the blog shortly so please keep reading.


  1. wow what a really fantastic month for you guys!! i really can empathizes with the time flying my daughter is 12 and i really don't know where it went!

    Thank you for sharing your upcoming #MagicMoments, i cant wait to hear how they all went xx

  2. It's amazing how some months are just loaded with special events! Hope you all enjoy July and what it has to bring x


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