Friday 28 June 2013

The Small Things in Life: Like a Trip to the Park!

We have been pretty much housebound this week as we have all been suffering from colds and hayfever; but Ruby in particular has been hit badly. She was absolutely fine on Monday, but come Tuesday evening she was complaining of being unwell, anyone who knows Ruby knows that she is normally full of beans and never complains. Wednesday morning she was looking very pale and was running a temperature so the day was spent pretty much lying on the sofa and watching Cbeebies.

Poorly Ruby

I start to suffer cabin fever if we are in the house for too many days on the trot, so yesterday we headed off to the park in order to get some fresh air and for a change of scenery.

Ruby chose to ride her balance bike to the park, for anyone who is unaware, a balance bike is a bike without any pedals; it was designed for children to learn to balance without having to worry about learning to pedal. The aim is that after learning to balance, they could move straight onto a regular bike without stabilisers. Ruby loves her balance bike and is always zooming here and there.

Ruby is a real thrill seeker and loves to be pushed really high on the swings, I do worry one day she will let go!

It would also seem that Lottie is following in her sisters footsteps, as she too loves the swings and when I go to push her she squeals in delight and starts laughing!

Ruby enjoyed playing on all the climbing frames and I can't believe how confident she has become.

We had a really lovely time at the park as you can see from the photos it was just what we all needed.

Just before we left to come home the heavens opened and it started to rain, so Ruby took shelter under the climbing frame!

It did me the world of good to enjoy some fresh air and Ruby enjoyed it too, however she is still not well, as she fell asleep as soon as we got back from the park. I am hoping she picks up really soon as we have a packed weekend with swimming and ballet lessons.

Just a little trip to the park this week has given us so much pleasure, what little pleasures have you enjoyed this week?

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  1. Lovely photos! Hope Ruby gets better soon.

  2. There's nothing quite like a trip to the park to blow away the cobwebs. Hope your daughter gets better soon. Lovely pics :-)

  3. I'm so glad you managed to get out to the park with the girls, I think it can help them forget they are feeling poorly as well as give you a break from the house too. Fingers crossed for the ballet and swimming over the weekend. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

  4. Looks like just what you needed! Lovely pictures. Hope Ruby is feeling better xx

  5. A trip to the park is the perfect cure for cabin fever!

  6. Awww bless Lottie. I remember when Dexter was this tiny - he's such a monkey now! Precious photographs.

    Popped over from #CountryKids


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