Monday 30 September 2013

The Dilemna in the Bedroom!

Well, the title could have meant anything; I do have a dilemma in my bedroom, but it's to do with the decoration, and Lottie's sleeping arrangement; not what you were thinking.

Lottie has always spent the night sleeping in our room, we have never had a night apart; however at nearly 15 months I am starting to wonder if I should be moving her soon. Lottie has always been a very good sleeper, and sleeps from 7pm through until 7am; she is also quite a deeper sleep and will stay asleep when we watch TV in bed. I know that she would be absolutely fine sleeping away from me, and I know Ruby cannot wait for her little sister to be sharing a room with her, but there's that part of me that's being maybe a little bit selfish, and wanting to keep her a baby. I love seeing her little face as soon as she wakes up, and not having to get out of bed to bring her for her morning milk and cuddles.

I recently asked on facebook when people moved their babies into their own room, and I had a wide range of answers, from a couple of days old to 4 years old. Personally for me, I know I couldn't have put Lottie into her own room at just a few days old; I loved and still do love having the closeness to her, and occasionally we allow Ruby to sleep in our bed and watch TV as a treat; I love it, for me having my girls close to me is such a lovely feeling. I am fortunate that they don't move around in their sleep, so I still have a good nights rest.

I know there will be a time when the cot leaves our bedroom, and so I need to think about how we should decorate the room after Lottie has moved out.

My husband and I moved into our house just a few days after our return from honeymoon, so there was very little time to do the house up, and money was tight, so we just opted for a massive tub of magnolia paint and painted every room in our house with it. I don't have anything against magnolia, but I just feel the need for a change as I am finding it so boring. However, I have absolutely no idea what to do. I did consider wallpapering one wall behind the bed, but I can't find a wallpaper that takes my fancy. I love my duvet cover and love everything girlie and shabby chic, including Cath Kidston. Unfortunately, finances will not stretch to decorate my room by everything Cath Kidston!

The dressing table has since been moved to be where the cot is, and the cot is now at the bottom of the bed.

I love having lots of photos of the girls up, so I am keen to keep my feature photo wall. The carpet is in a really good condition as we had it put in just before we moved in and it's a lovely shade of green.

This is where I need your help, I would love your interior design advice: what shall I do to update my bedroom? Please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post or email me.

Thanks x.


  1. I rubbish when it comes to design
    I just wanted to say how much I love all the photos of your girls on your bedroom wall....We have pictures all around the house of my girls but not in the bedroom....I never even thought of putting them in there.....Will be thinking about doing it now :) x

  2. oooh oooh I love this kind of stuff!

    If I were you, I would consider painting the furniture white (if you can cope with all that painting!) as that would look so pretty against pastels and pinks (which I know you love) and the Cath Kidston style. It will be a cheap way of making the room feel totally different!

    Then use the duvet cover as a base and pick out colours you like for highlights. Buy cushion covers, candles, picture frames etc that complement these. You don't have to splash out and buy loads of new stuff, just a few accents will make a massive difference :)

    Can't wait to see what you do with the room xx

  3. Have you looked around some of the home improvement challenges? A lot of us did our bedrooms up for £50 - it may give you some idea. Or there was a bedroom design comp on Mammasaurus' blog - which may also inspire you.

  4. hm... it's a very pretty room but as it's becoming yours/your OH's again instead of you/OH/daughter how about recyling the pretty green and pink into the girls room and going for a more dramatic/romantic/more maculine tone with your textiles ? your could use your lovely black , white, silver photo wall to kick start that theme? I would recommend looking at ebay for 2nd hand curtains with a shabby chic theme rather than buying expensive Cath Kidson :) . My house is total done out with vintage fabric - WAY more fun to do as well feel free to have a look at my blog if you like ( I've been in House Beautiful recently....)