Thursday 26 September 2013

Proud Mummy Moment

I don't tend to blog much about the children's achievements, but seeing as this blog is their diary for them to look back on as they grow older, I have decided that today's blog post is a very worthy subject to be writing about.

I am incredibly proud that this week, Ruby's teacher's have chosen her to be "pupil of the week"! I was not even aware that the school did this until Ruby came home on Monday beaming with smiles telling me she had a certificate.

I read the certificate and cried, my hormones have been all over the place this week and this really did set me off. I cannot put into words how proud I am of Ruby, she has settled into school so well, despite being one of the youngest. Her certificate states that she has been awarded pupil of the week for "settling into school well, with lots of enthusiasm!".

Not only did Ruby get a certificate, but as a special treat she was given a story bag to take home for the week. The bag contains a non-fiction book on ladybirds, a story about ladybirds, a puppet and a ladybird game - I thought this was an amazing thing to be given. Ruby's certificate has now been placed in the living room in view for all to see.

The book bag went down very well with Ruby and every evening we have been reading some of the book and story whilst also having a game of ladybirds.

I think Ruby will be sad to return this book bag next week, but as a special treat for being pupil of the week, I am going to get her a little treat as I am such an incredibly proud mummy.


  1. I love the idea of being able to bring the story bag home as a treat - and what a great story bag it is!
    Well done Ruby!

  2. Yay well done Ruby! It must make the homework memory very distant? A very worthy proud mummy moment :-)

  3. What a lovely award to be given out and a nice touch to bring home the book bag for a week. Well done Ruby.

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  4. Yay, well done Ruby! I love the story bag idea too, very nice!

  5. It's so special isn't it? I always get a little tear!

  6. awww well done Ruby!! thats such a lovely moment xx

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