Monday 23 September 2013

You know you are a mum when ...

I recently took to the social networks to find out what my mum friends really thought about one of life's most important topics; here is what they had to say:

You know you are a mum when ...

  • You always carry a packet of baby wipes in your handbag!
  • You have some free time away from the children you feel lost!
  • Your world revolves around watching CBeebies!
  • You don't get a lie in!
  • Your ironing and washing pile is never empty!
  • You have no time for make up or hair straightening!
  • All of your spare money goes towards the children!
  • You never get time to go toilet by yourself!
  • You have a severe lack of social life!
  • You no longer think about yourself, everything revolves around children!
  • You can't wear an outfit more than once due to sticky fingers/baby sick!
  • You are constantly shattered and have forgotten what a full nights sleep is!
  • Your happy to clean up little snotty noses, bums and sick etc - and don't flinch! 
  • You don't mind getting up early to smiling faces. 

Thanks to everyone for taking part, they really did make me smile. Is there anything you would add to the list?

Here is a brilliant video that I discovered, it sums up motherhood perfectly:

PS: You have hopefully noticed by now that I have had a slight redesign of the blog to make it feel a bit cleaner and less cluttered; I would love to know your thoughts on the changes.


  1. I think the shift from the world revolving around you to revolving around the children is the biggest thing but one you don't mind at all. And you can never have too many wipes!! :)

  2. Its amazing how everything just changes isn't it. Before being a parent I would of looked at these lists and thought "oh god help me"..but I wouldn't have it any other way..oh wait, peeing in peace would be nice..Rio likes to sit on my knee!!