Saturday 28 September 2013

Planning Ahead - Spring Time

We have barely even got into Autumn, let alone Winter, but now I am starting to think about Spring. I had never really given much thought to spring time before, until the last couple of years, when out of nowhere, I started to admire the lovely array of spring flowers that came bursting out of the ground. How could I have missed the beauty in these flowers? Maybe I didn't, but I never admired and loved them as much as I do now.

We were fortunate to have been left some money by Phil's grandma, which enabled us to be able to put a conservatory onto our house last year; I say conservatory, its actually the playroom! The timing of the building work was not too great, as I was due to give birth to Lottie any time. The day the foundations and brick work had been completed, my waters burst and I delivered Lottie in the early hours of the following morning at home (you can read more about her birth here). Needless to say, the builder was a bit shocked to find me cradling Lottie when he came to carry on with his work the next day!

The conservatory has certainly been worth the money as it has enabled us to have an adult lounge that isn't full of toys; it is a place where we can relax and unwind whilst the girls can have their own room full of all their toys. However, with the arrival of Lottie and the conservatory being built, it has left our garden in a bit of a mess, so this year we have been trying to make our garden beautiful, I am no expert and just pick out things that I like the look of and hope they grow!

Last weekend we set to work and went to our local garden centre to buy some spring bulbs; we had set some a couple of years ago, but we had not put enough in, so we bought over 300 bulbs, a mixture of different types of daffodils and crocuses.

Ruby lent a hand and helped to dig the holes before placing the bulbs into the ground and then hiding them again in the soil.

Ruby's favourite part of planting things in the garden is definately watering; anything to do with water and Ruby is there, even if it is a muddy puddle and she's wearing her best outfit!

Phil kindly bought me a new bird feeder which takes pride of place in the border near to our conservatory. The conservatory is at a perfect height for little faces to look out of the windows and see the birds, I wonder what types of birds we will see in the coming weeks and months?

We  can't wait to see how the bulbs grow and see what our garden looks like in the spring time.


  1. We have a conservatory too and it's brilliant for all the toys (and drying laundry because it gets so hot in there!). Made me chuckle about the builder, I was imagining his mouth dropping open seeing you with Lottie :)

  2. That's something I need to do this weekend. Glad you had fun

  3. What fun. I love the idea of them hiding the bulbs. It is going to be lovely in the Spring and just as much a surprise as Lottie.

  4. I'm sure the garden will burst into life in the Spring and you will all reap the benefits of your efforts. Gardening is a great activity to involve the children in, they love playing with mud and water and getting their hands dirty. Love the new by the way! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Digging and pouring water are definitely big hits with the kid! Made me lol thinking of the builder arriving on 'the' morning.

  6. Ah brilliant! I've been looking at the bulbs for sale in the shops wondering if I should get some - I will now! Mine love anything mud / dirt / water related - typical kids!