Wednesday 30 December 2015

Childhood Memories

With Christmas now over, I have been reflecting on my own childhood, if I’m honest as a child it was all about Santa and the presents that we would receive on Christmas day, however as I’ve grown older, became a Christian and had my own children, I see Christmas very differently. 

Christmas to me now means reflecting on the birth of Jesus and how this important event changes peoples lives. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy receiving gifts, but I much prefer to be able to give gifts to other people, seeing their faces light up when they open your presents, to me there is no better present than this.

Finding gifts for my girls can be a struggle as there is nothing they need, so we end up buying things they would like instead. This year has been made a bit easier as we have decided to take the girls to Disneyland in Paris, but shhh as they have absolutely no idea at all. I’m not 100% sure when we will tell them but part of me wants to keep it a secret and let them just arrive at Disneyland! 

In previous years we have struggled to buy things for Lottie, we have the same problem with her birthday too, Ruby is 3 years older than Lottie and both are born in July so we end up wrapping up some of Rubys old toys for Lottie. I do wonder if my mum used to do the same for my younger sister?

However I don’t think it’s a bad thing to pass things down families, Lottie has some of Rubys outgrown clothes however Lottie is much more girly so I do end up spending a small fortune on dresses and sparkly shoes for her. I even remember my mum giving me a box of knitted baby cardigans my Nana had made for me, so when my girls were born they wore them too.

I particularly love wooden toys, they are timeless and so robust. I have collection of toys that my girls have outgrown, that I will be keeping safe in case my girls have their own children. 

I am pleasantly surprised how these wooden toys seem to be making a comeback. The girls and I were in the toy isle at Asda and were amazed at the range of wooden toys, from shops, pull along toys, to dolls houses. Every little girl needs a dolls house right? My daughters have my younger sisters dolls house and it gets played with on a daily basis. If you don't have an Asda near to you then you can go online and view their range of wooden toys here.

I’d love to know what heirlooms you are passing down your family? I have a teddy that I loved so much that I gave to Ruby and it now takes pride of place on her bed amongst her own soft toys.

Disclaimer: ASDA kindly asked me to write a post about heirlooms and in return offered my daughters a Christmas gift.


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