Thursday 9 April 2015

Easter 2015

Blink and you have missed Easter; well that's how it seems to me! I don't think its been helped by the fact that I've had to have a couple of days in bed as I'm recovering from a throat and kidney infection. I am so very grateful for antibiotics as I'm now feeling a million times better.

On Easter morning, despite having very little sleep and feeling unwell, we headed to a tiny church that we had never to before and we were warmly welcomed into the regular congregation. Although it was a tiny church, it was packed and had lots of things for Ruby and Lottie to play with whilst the service was taking place.

At the end of the service we were greeted by the most amazing Easter cakes I have ever seen, someone in the congregation had made them just for Easter Sunday; I unfortunately wasn't quite well enough to eat any of the cakes, but Ruby assures me that it was really very yummy!

All the members of the congregation were given a chocolate egg! It so happened to be a Lindt egg, I absolutely love these!

Many years ago when I first started to attend church, after the traditional Easter service the children would go around the church and surrounding areas to hunt for Easter eggs. This was very new to me as it was something that I had never done as a child, and I vowed that when I had children of my own I would do an egg hunt for them.

Last year I managed pick up some plastic eggs that you are able to open and fill with chocolates, I had about 20 and hid them around the garden. Hubbie on the other hand decided to make the hunt for eggs more challenging by hiding plastic balls from the ball pit so the girls thought they had found an egg but in fact it was a ball!

The girls took it in turns trying to find the eggs and when Lottie was struggling Ruby stepped in to help her find one. They then placed the eggs in the basket, and after all the eggs had been found Ruby shared the contents between herself and Lottie.

I love this new family tradition that I have started. I would love to know what you did on Easter day.

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