Monday 12 January 2015

Time to relax - A Faith in Nature Review

I am sure that I'm in the majority here, as most mothers would tell you that they rarely get any "me time"; some people say this is what you sacrifice when you have children and that you shouldn't expect any "me time" but what do you think? I'm of the opinion that's it's important to have "me time", not just for my own benefit but it also benefits my children too as I'm less stressed and much more chilled out.

I was recently asked by the lovely people at Faith in Nature if I would consider reviewing their range of shampoos and conditioners, I was hesitant at first as I don't normally offer beauty reviews however when I looked at the vast array of different types of shampoos and conditioners I decided to treat myself and accept the review. 

I respect and admire the beliefs of Faith in Nature and their website explains better than what I could about what they believe in and why:

"Our beliefs guide us in everything we do. It might sound old fashioned, but put simply, we just believe in doing good. 
We believe in doing good for our customers. We believe in doing good in the way we run our business. And we believe in doing good for the planet. 

For our customers, we believe that everyone should benefit from what the earth provides. That’s why we’re passionate about keeping our prices affordable, and using only the best natural ingredients - because only by ensuring that everyone can afford to go natural can we truly make a difference.
In business, we believe in making decisions that put our people and our environment first. That means manufacturing locally, treating people as we’d want to be treated, and being as green as we can in everything we do. 

And for the planet, we believe in harnessing the healing powers of nature, but not abusing it in the process. We believe that using naturally derived, cruelty-free sources is what makes our products work so beautifully. Because, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that for as long as we do good by the planet, everything else just falls into place. 

Everything affects everything. 

Beliefs and Faith. 

They go hand in hand."

I was tempted to go for the chocolate shampoo and conditioner as I was very curious to know if it smelt as good as real chocolate! However the Grapefruit and Orange won me over; I absolutely love the smell or grapefruit, it brings back memories of my childhood when I used to eat pink grapefruit for breakfast.

Each ingredient used in the Faith in Nature range has been chose by them as they believe in not just the smell but the healing properties they can bring. You can find out more about their ingredients on this web page -

Priced at £5.50 for 400ml of shampoo and the same for the conditioner, I have to say I think this is reasonably good value as a small amount goes a very long way. My hair felt lovely and soft and my girls commented on how nice it smelt too.

So, where can you buy it? I have noticed some Oxfam stores are stocking it, or alternatively you can go online and order it through their shop.

I have absolutely loved the Grapefruit and Orange shampoo that I was sent to review, and I shall certainly be ordering more and maybe even purchasing some other bits too.

Ruby + Lottie 9/10

Disclaimer: I was sent the above to review for free, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.