Monday 19 January 2015

Kimberley - Radio Presenter for the Day!

I recently wrote about how I would like to achieve 30 things this coming year as I recently turned 30, I asked for people to give me some inspiration for these ideas and I was very surprised by the response I received. 

Today I did something I have never done before... I presented the breakfast show live on the radio! Taking part in radio interviews is nothing new for me and something I really enjoy undertaking it as it helps give others a voice, share opinions and news. 

My day today started at 5am, it should have been 6am when the alarm went off but I couldn't sleep, the mixture of excitement and nerves kept me awake! I arrived at the studio ready to go live on-air at 7am, as the headline news finished the microphone went up and I was on air to nearly 30,000 listeners! 

The breakfast show is a very fast paced show as there's so much information that needs to go into it, there's everything ranging from the latest traffic and travel that frequently changes so it's important to keep hitting refresh so that listeners have the most up to date information. Announcements about local events are broadcast frequently as one of the stations broadcasting criteria is to advertise local events. Requests and dedications are a regular feature and today I played my girls, let it go from the movie Frozen. My husband kindly text me whilst I was in the studio with a photo of my girls enjoying the song I had chosen for them. 

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting my first ever breakfast show and I can't wait until I'm back in the studio, but as soon as I arrived home I did have to have a little nap as I was just so tired. I don't think you realise how intense it is and how much you need to concentrate whilst presenting live on air,even down to things such as making sure that you hit the news at the right time; this can sometimes mean picking shorter or longer songs so that it all flows easily.

This evening I received an email inviting me to come and talk to the station manager and discuss some potential opportunities for the future so watch this space. :-)