Thursday 8 January 2015

Challenges as I turn 30!

I recently wrote about turning 30 and how I intended to make this year a year to remember.In order to do this I was going to set myself 30 challenges to accomplish! I needed your help and I'm pleased to say I've had some amazing suggestions some of which I would never have thought about if it had not been for your responses so thank you all very much and if you have any more, please leave me a comment and let me know.

After I published my blog post, I was incredibly shocked and overwhelmed to receive a message from a presenter at a radio station asking me if for one of my challenges I would like to present on their biggest radio show, their breakfast show! If you know met hen you know I have a real passion for radio broadcasting and this opportunity was a once in a lifetime moment, I actually sat and cried because it was so very kind to be offered this opportunity and I'm really pleased to say I shall be co-presenting the breakfast show on Monday 19th January to nearly 30 thousand listeners! I am a little nervous as I have never presented a show however I do have some broadcast knowledge. 

Here is how my list of challenges is shaping up so far:
1 Present a radio show
2 Read a classic book
3 Watch the ballet at a theatre
4 Meet up with a social media friend I've never met in real life
5 Have high tea at Rushden Hall
6 Make and sew an item of clothing for my girls
7 Speak at a public event 
8 Visit Buckingham Palace
9 Write a short story
10 Knit something for myself
11 Take a trip on a narrow boat
12 Undertake some voluntary work
13 Write a poem
14 Ride a horse
15 Camp out under the stars
16 Write an article for a publication

As you can see from the above list I still need to think of some more challenges so please let me know your suggestions.