Friday 2 January 2015

A New Year Challenge - I need your help!

Well it's happened, we really are in 2015! Happy New Year and I hope this year is filled with good health and many blessings.

For me, this new year was unlike any other new year, as it was the 1st new year for a long time that I have seen in, in somewhere other than my own home. I've been very blessed that over the last few months I have started to develop really good friendships with a group of mums from Ruby's school, we are all within the same age group as each other give or take a couple of years. One of the the mums kindly offered her home as a venue for us all to come together with our partners and children to see in the new year and it was a really lovely evening; I hope we will be repeating it in the coming years.

Family Selfie on New Years Day Morning

As midnight approached we turned on the TV to listen to the chimes of Big Ben ring in the new year; it began to dawn on me that this year I hadn't thought about the year ahead and neither had I become all reflective about the past year. I don't know why something has changed in the last year, I neither feel the need to look back and dwell or look forward or worry about the what ifs, maybe it's because I'm getting older!

Talking about getting older I am turning 30 in a few short hours! Ahh, I have no idea how this has happened but my 20's have gone (if anyone knows where they are then please return them to me)!. In all seriousness my 20's have been really good, in the last 10 years I have developed a faith, become the youngest church warden in my area, married my childhood sweetheart, and given birth to two daughters, one of which was born at home. I feel I've achieved quite a lot, but I still feel there's so much more that I want to achieve, I want to help people who are less fortunate than me, I want to further myself into a career as I've never really had a career as such.

This is the Cake that Hubbie bought for my 30th!

I want to set myself a list of challenges for what I can do during my 30th birthday year, so this is where I need your help, ideally I'd like to come up with 30 challenges or tasks, things that would be easy to do and others that would take more time and planning so please if you have any suggestions please let me know and comment below, thank you.

P.S. Under not circumstances will I jump out of an aeroplane or bungee jump off a bridge! - no matter how many people suggest it! :-)


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