Monday 17 November 2014

Lottie's First Bike

We were recently asked by the lovely people at Toddlebike if Lottie would like to try out one of their bikes, and after looking on their website we jumped at the chance.

The Toddlebike, as the name suggests, is a bike aimed at toddlers; their website states that it is can be used from when a child is able to walk, until approximately three years of age. The Toddlebike is unique as t is a pre-balance bike. I remember when Ruby turned two we purchased her a lovely wooden balance bike, however it was way too big for her even on the lowest setting; so the Toddlebike is really well placed in the market as it is a step up from a ride on toy.

The Toddlebike retails at under £25, which I think is fantastic value for money. The bike comes in three different colour combinations, Lottie received the pink girlie bike, and she instantly fell in love with it!

When the Toddlebike arrived it was already assembled, there was no messing around and spending ages trying to work out how it all fits together. The bike is incredibly lightweight and made of strong plastic. Its so lightweight it only weighs 0.8Kg! It is very easy for Lottie to pick up as you can see from the photos.

Ruby was a little jealous that Lottie had received the Toddlebike in the post so she had a go too, and it's safe to say that she absolutely loves it.

Lottie has not stopped riding on it since it arrived, and even tried to take it to bed with her, carrying it upstairs herself!

If you have two children it's well worth buying them one each to save on the arguments as the Toddlebike is so well loved in our house. 

I would highly recommend the Toddlebike to everyone with a toddler, it is a massive hit with Lottie.
You can find out more details about the Toddlebike here.

Ruby + Lottie 9/10

Disclaimer: We were given the Toddlebike for free to review, however all views and opinions are our own.

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