Thursday 13 November 2014

Christmas Dilemma - I need your help.

I need your help with a really big dilemma; my husband and I can't seem to get our story straight when it comes to Christmas and Santa bringing presents. Phil and I come from different family Christmas traditions and we're trying to find a way to link them both together, but it's proving very difficult and we really need to get our story straight as Ruby is becoming wise and clever and we want to keep Christmas magic for as long as we can.

In my childhood there were no presents placed under the Christmas tree until Santa brought the presents on Christmas Eve. We didn't have a particular present from Santa he just delivered them all but we knew they were from family and friends, you could say Santa was the courier driver. On Christmas morning we had a stocking filled with small gifts and we used to go downstairs and into the lounge to find the presents that Santa had brought and we would open them before eating breakfast. 

My husband on the other hand has very different Christmas tradition, presents are placed under the tree as and when they arrive from family and friends. Hubbie used to have a stocking but the presents contained within came from Santa himself. On Christmas morning when it came to opening presents hubbies dad would hand out presents one at a time and everyone would watch as you opened your gift, this is something I know I wouldn't like, having to wait ages to open my presents, there have been times when even at 5pm at night Phil's family are still opening presents! 

So this is where the dilemma lies, what do we tell Ruby and Lottie? How do you do Christmas and keep the magic alive? I would be so grateful of any advice you can offer, thank you.


  1. I have no idea what the answer is, because we have exactly the same problem! :-) #ChristmasCountdown

  2. I would go with none under the tree until late Christmas Eve, they shouldn't be there before as he doesn't go out in his sleigh beforehand. That's yours part, then in the morning have one person, or two in charge of picking a present for each person to open. That incorporates your husbands, just all have one each at the same time rather than just one person to make yourself feel more comfortable. X

  3. Santa brings a stocking with a few small gifts for our children ( we explained that Santa cannot provide lavish gifts for billions of children around the world) My kids know that the things they ask for, for Christmas are bought by ourselves and other family members. This way they learn to appreciate the true value of things and learn to realise that we have to work and save to buy these for them. Over the years they have grown to appreciate this and reward us with love, hugs and big 'thank you's'. Why should Santa get all the thanks and praise for toys that we have worked and saved so hard for?
    Stockings are filled by 'santa' on Christmas Eve night and these are placed at the end of the kids bed. In the morning the kids rush in to our room with their stocking and we watch their faces as they open their gifts from Santa.
    Presents from family and friends are placed under the tree and gifts from us are put into piles in the living room. We open gifts then have a champagne breakfast ( just breakfast for the kids!). Hope this helps.