Wednesday 18 June 2014

Knee update

Many of you will already be aware of the knee problems I have been facing recently but if not then these blog posts give a bit of background information here and here. Following on from my latest appointment with my lovely orthopaedic consultant, he's advised me that he doesn't know what more he can do, so he has requested a second opinion from someone who has more experience; the downside is that the waiting continues! I am back on the lovely NHS waiting list and I have to say waiting is something I find really hard to do, I just want to know what's wrong with my knees and what can be done to sort them out.

I've already had a couple of operations on one knee and it has not resolved the problems that I am facing. I am currently on a combination of 4 different types of painkillers, I dread to think what it's doing to my body. I've been discharged by my physiotherapist as there is no more she can do and has recommended that a knee replacement is looked into. I know a replacement is a major operation however my quality of life and the amount of painkillers I am on surely warrants consideration for replacement. The problem lies in the fact that according to some people, I am too young! I appreciate that I will have to have them redone in 15 years time, however now is the time in my life where I need to be pain free and having fun with my girls before I miss their childhood; in 15 years time my life can slow done, I can put my feet up but now now I want to be active and have fun, not living with regret. 

My referral from my original consultant appears to have been lost; I found this out when I rang up my new consultants secretary who advised me that two weeks after my consultant appointment, it still hadn't been received. I was not best pleased so I rang up my original consultants secretary who faxed over my referral and an appointment was arranged for the end of July, this was the best that could be done although I was told this was quiet good as most new patients were having to wait until September! July still seemed like a long time away and I stated my case and asked if there were any cancellations as I am prepared to come in at short notice. The other day I had some amazing news, a  cancelation has come through and I go and meet my new consultant in less than two weeks time! I am so incredibly relieved and I really hope to get some answers and a plan of action for what is going to be done. It just goes to show if you state your case then you can get things sorted out sooner. 


  1. So glad you got a cancellation....Waiting for appointments is horrible especially when you're waiting for answers! Hope everything goes well x

    1. Thanks Kim, I'm hopefully that answers will be given if not then I'm asking for a referral straight to national orthapedic hospital.