Tuesday 3 June 2014

School Runs and Heaps of Homework

Well, today was day two of the school run following last weeks half term, and I have to say I'm not finding having a child at school easy. I actually cried on Sunday evening because I knew Monday morning would be back to school for Ruby; I do really genuinely miss my her when she's at school.

Speaking with some of my fellow parents at the school gates this week, I was surprised that the majority of them expressed their relief that their child is going back to school! So why do I feel so different? Don't get me wrong, Ruby is not an angel, she has her moments as I'm sure all four year olds going on fourteen do, but mainly she's a very well rounded and well behaved child. I enjoy Ruby's company, she's great fun to have around and there is never a dull moment as she has such an amazing creative flare; she can make a story up with any items she finds.

Don't get me wrong I really do value the time I have one to one with Lottie and her determined and stubborn personality is shinning through aswell as her softer loving and caring side. However most parents at the school gates know Lotties nickname 'stroppy Lottie' when she wants something or sets her mind on something she won't let anyone or thing get in her way, I have no idea where she gets this from :) 

This week at school Ruby has been spending some time preparing to go into year one, and has been visiting the new classrooms. Ruby takes all this within her stride, whereas inside of me I'm screaming please let time slow down, I don't want her to be pressured to achieve reading, writing and whatever other targets that are thrown at her, I want her to have fun. Childhood is so very short, it just seems so unfair to add all this pressure on such a young child; adult life is stressful, so surely it would be acceptable to allow children to be what they are, children.


Regular readers of my blog may be aware that I wrote about how Ruby had been set homework at the start of school and how I struggled to help Ruby to complete the work that had been set, well homework is still a bit of a contentious issue; I understand the importance of it, but a typical week of homework is at least two reading books, a word list and some writing. Occasionally during half terms and holidays work is set to do on a computer using a programme called Education City. Personally, I think it's all too much, an average working week for an adult is 9-5 and our children are in school 9-3 and then have to do homework on top, why are we allowing our children to do close to full time working hours? I strongly believe children should be able to enjoy the innocence of childhood; we have made the decision that if any homework comes our way, we will try to complete it in a fun way, but I will not be stressing if it does not get completed. Children all learn in different ways and as adults, we all have different ways we learn and engage in studies, why can't this be the same for children?

It's about time we stopped applying the pressure and let children live a childhood and not force them into adulthood before they are ready. With regard to my intial question will I ever get used to the school run, no I don't think I will, I long for 3 o clock and being able to enjoy the time I have with Ruby.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Am I alone in how I feel?


  1. Katherine Leaver3 June 2014 at 22:21

    I could say so much about this, been chatting with friends about this only today. Yes I agree with you, and you are not alone! And def think kiddies start school so early and not sure homework is helpful so young. William is so tired after learning all day at school, spending time playing and unwinding is all he wants to do when he gets home. I have had fleeting thoughts about homeschooling but I just don't think there are the networks of people/support as there is in other countries - and really don't want to cut ourselves off. I could say much more but don't want to ramble! Would still be up for meeting up soon if you are? You always welcome here 😊

  2. I totally agree with you about homework...play should be the only homework they have at that age. I too used to miss my daughters terribly when they went back to school and can honestly say the first couple of days I hated it (though I didn't let them know). I (like you) were really surprised that other parents didn't feel the same...but this shows you are close to them.
    It doesn't get any easier either as I still miss them so much when they aren't here and my daughters are 16 and 14 now lol....we are all so close now though...which proves what you are doing is the way to go - well done!