Friday 7 February 2014

Tom Ted's Adventures!

Yesterday Ruby came home from school and couldn't wait to tell me that her teacher had given her the class teddy bear, Tom Ted, to look after for the evening. Tom Ted came with a blanket, torch, camera and diary. Ruby could not have been more excited.

Tom will be making his way around all of the children's homes over the next few weeks. Each child, with the help of their parents, are asked to create a diary entry for Tom, complete with pictures so that by the end of term the diary will be full of stories from all of the children. Ruby wanted to write about, and include photos of everything she got up to with Tom Ted; we ended up taking up three pages of the diary! I hope we left enough room for everyone else!

Ruby was sad to take Tom Ted back to school this morning, but was excited that she would have the opportunity to stand up in front of her class and talk about all of the fun things they got up to together.

The aim of this exercise is to give the children the chance to care for something precious, take part in a whole class event and communicate about their experiences. I really hope we get a chance to look at the completed diary at the end of the exercise and see what all of Ruby's friends got up to.

Ruby and I had a really fun time working on this together; this is what we wrote:

At Ruby's House - 6th February 2014

After school I took Tom Ted to my Nana's house. We had to go outside to do some jobs, so we put our coat and wellies on.

We collected wood and fed the chickens some corn. Can you see Betty?

Tom Ted collected the eggs.

We played in the outdoor play house.

We Pumped the water.

We played in the garden with the wooden man.

We looked and smelt the beautiful flowers.

Our next job was to feed the horses, Tom Ted liked to stroke "Lady".

Tom Ted was very tired after he had done all of the jobs. He had a little nap in a dog bed!

He then woke up and played some games with and Uncle Harry and me. I made a rocket for Tom to go to space.

Tom Ted enjoyed stroking Chesney the cat.

We then had dinner. Tom Ted was feeling tired so headed upstairs to bed.

I read Tom a bedtime story with the help of my frog and my pet fox.

Sweet dreams Tom Ted! Night night.


  1. It looks like Tom Ted and Ruby had an awful lot of fun! #CountryKids

  2. What a super idea! That Tom Ted looks like he's been a very busy chappie! #CountryKids

  3. It looks and sounds like Tom Ted had a great time with Ruby. What an wonderful idea to encourage children to share their weekends with the class. Thanks for linking up and sharing their adventures with Country Kids.

  4. What fantastic photos - I love Ruby's variety of expressions in them! It looks like Tom Ted had some great adventures, such a fun idea :-)