Monday, 17 February 2014

It's Half Term!

Well its the start of half term here in Leicestershire, and its no great surprise that its raining! I shouldn't moan though when I think about all the people who have been so badly affected by the floods, my thoughts and prayers are very much with them.

I have been looking forward to half term for a couple of weeks as I get to have Ruby all to myself and don't have the chore of the school run. I was certain that Ruby was looking forward to a break from school as she has been getting increasingly tired; this has led to a few tears and melt down moments. She started school back in September but doesn't turn five until the very end of July so she is one the youngest in her year; I think it shows with how tired she has become, combined with the fact that she is always so busy and on the go all of the time.

This Morning we woke up at our usual time of 7am and had a little lay in, before sitting down to a family breakfast before getting dressed. Ruby burst into tears when I said she didn't need to put her school uniform on as there was no school today; so here was me thinking that she would enjoy some time away from school... well it appears I was wrong! Ruby loves school and if it was her choice then she would be happy to go every day!

Ruby's school had set homework for this week and anyone who is familiar with my blog will be aware of how much I love homework, not! If you haven't read my thoughts on homework then you can find the post here. My thoughts still have not changed, a school day is long enough let alone having extra work to do; but I do support Ruby in doing her homework. Ruby and I decided that in order for us to do whatever we wanted, when we wanted to do it this holiday, we would get the homework out of the way.

Education City

Ruby had been set about twelve different activities to do on the computer, via a website called Education City, she completed these within an hour or so before we had a cup of warm juice and she read two books to me. We still have a sound and word book to complete, but I am pleased that we have got the majority out of the way at an early stage in half term week.

So this brings me to the rest of the week, what are we going to do? Lottie is feeling a bit under the weather so I don't want to plan too much, only for our plans to be cancelled, and also the weather makes it a bit more tricky to enjoy some good outdoor fun.

An afternoon of lego

Ruby and I chatted over lunch about what we would like to do, and have come up with a list of a few things we will do. Our list includes baking cakes or cookies, a teddy and toy picnic, an activity in the tuff tray, painting and craft and then trying to find a bit of nice dry weather to go to a park. I would love to know what you have planned for half term, maybe we could share some ideas?


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