Tuesday 25 February 2014

New Shoes

A couple of weeks ago Lottie and I hit the shops like any girls do; Lottie had been given some vouchers for Christmas but we hadn't found anything in the sales that took our fancy, so we waited for the new season items to come into stock.

Lottie had some shoes a couple of months before Christmas, but I was aware that her feet were rapidly growing; armed with some vouchers that she'd been kindly given by a relative, we went into our local "well known high-street shoe shop". I have always been brand loyal to this particular shop and even when I was tiny my mum bought my shoes from there. I'm very aware how important it is for shoes to be fitted correctly at such a young age because if they are not it could lead to problems later on in life.

Lottie is a real girly girl at heart and loves everything pink, if I had the money I'm sure she would own a lot more shoes than what she does. As I am only able to buy a small number of pairs of shoes for the girls. it is important for a pair of shoes to be able to be worn with dresses, jeans or leggings. I have to say I was most disappointed at the options available for Lottie, all the pairs of shoes were either too grown up looking for my 19 month old daughter, or they were so bright in colour that I would have a job to make them compliment her clothes. I never had this problem with Ruby, I'd always been able to buy a really nice looking pair of practical shoes for her, but this time for Lottie I left the shop empty handed; I was not going to waste our money on a pair of shoes that I did not really like. 

A friend of mine recommended that we take a look at Livie and Lucas. The company was set up by a group of mums in 2005 and their shoes are stocked in shoe shops up and down the country. Unfortunately for us there is not a shop within easy reach, however Natalie (from Livie and Lucas) assured me that she would be very happy to talk me through fittings and everything I needed to know. I explained how worried I was about getting it wrong and she asked me to draw around Lotties feet and then use that as a template to work out the correct size she would need. With Natalie's help we worked out the best size which would also allow for some growing room too. Now the hunt began, would I like anything in stock? Of course I did, it's hard to find a pair of shoes you don't like! I eventually decided on the style Pio Pio in brown leather with a pink bird on them.
Lottie's new shoes arrived just two days after I ordered them, I was so excited to open the box and I was not disappointed, they are the most beautiful pair of soft but supportive leather shoes I have ever seen. I sent some photos to Natalie of Lottie was wearing the shoes so she could check the fit and talked me through fitting them again. I had a really positive experience and would really recommend that you check out Livie and Lucas.

I have not been asked to write this post, but I wanted to make everyone aware that there is more choice out there when it comes to children's shoes than what you think, and you can get really nice good quality shoes at a reasonable price.