Wednesday 13 November 2013

Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim was something that my parents made sure I could do from a very young age; they took me to swimming lessons on a weekly basis. I don't remember a time when I could not swim; it was instilled in me at a young age. I was very fortunate that my parents encouraged me; I achieved pretty much every grade of swimming that could be taken, including all the life saver awards. I still remember having to undertake swimming lessons whilst fully clothed and learning how to make a float out of a pair of trousers!

Phil and I both agreed that it was important for our girls to learn to swim, however with money being tight we have been very fortunate that Phil's parents have greatly contributed towards the cost; this has enabled us to give both Ruby and Lottie weekly swimming lessons.

Ruby started swimming lessons just after her third birthday; I wish she had started sooner, as its has taken a year for her to be able to swim unaided without any floats. She's had the confidence from word go, but the technique of kicking her legs and moving her arms correctly has taken a while to come. This week though she has finally cracked it and I feel so incredibly proud of her! I almost cried when she managed to do a whole width of the pool and back all by herself. Ruby was so pleased of herself after the lesson and told everyone she came into contact with. It was so lovely to see.

Lottie started swimming lessons at just six weeks of age and she absolutely loves her time in the pool with Phil each week; she gets very excited about the prospect of getting into the water. She is full of confidence, much like her sister and has recently learnt how to climb out of the pool at by herself!

Taken before Lottie's very 1st swimming lesson!

Bath time in our house is very funny as Ruby practices blowing her bubbles and Lottie is now starting to copy and blow her own bubbles. Lottie is a bit of a live wire in the bath and because she is so confident, she throws herself around in the bath and even goes right under the water (we really have to keep a keen eye on her!); there is not much water left when it is time for them to get out.


  1. Ahh well done to ruby! I should start taking my little one swimming more often. He loves the pool and it's something I want to encourage. I already have his name down for swimming lessons once he turns three so I need to start the ground work! Xx

  2. It's so lovely that they're both enjoying the pool as much as they do. Also fab that your in-laws are helping out with the costs, must make such a difference as lessons are not cheap!

    My 4yo has always loved swimming, but 21mo hates it. She will even demand to watch something else if the kids are in a pool! It's one of things on our to do list that we need to combat! #SSAmazingAchievements

  3. That's brilliant. My eldest still can't swim and isn't at all confident in the water. We're on a waiting list for one-to-one sessions to see if this helps. My son isn't keen on the water either-I see us with more expense getting him to swim too! Well done Ruby and Lottie :)

  4. How fantastic that both girls are so confident in the water. I agree about how important swimming is - my oldest is just waiting to start work as a lifeguard - and the other 3 have weekly lessons.

  5. I really love to see my wee man being more confident in the water these days! We have a great class we can go to which is part of our Glasgow Club membership which is great! So glad to hear your girls are getting on so well!

  6. Sounds like bath time in our house ;0). It's fantastic they are so confident water and enjoy swimming so much.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)