Thursday 28 March 2013

The Ugly Duckling!

Today was mummy and Ruby day, whilst daddy stayed at home with Lottie. Just after Christmas we had a girlie day and went to see The tiger who came for tea; and today was not too different as we went to see The Ugly Duckling.

The Ugly Duckling is a very well known story of  ...

"A poor duckling who is lonely and fed-up, shunned by those around her who see her as too ugly to fit in. She tries to make friends with fellow ducklings as well as with frogs, cats and even a fox, but realising she is not like any of these animals, she is left sad and alone. Follow the duckling on her journey as she overcomes her troubles and turns into a beautiful swan, beginning a happy new life."

This is ugly duckling with a little bit of a difference as it is the Northern Ballets first production aimed at children. Ruby absolutely loved it and so did I; she gave me a running momentary on what was happening and as soon as the lights came on; after it had finished she told me "Mummy that was amazing". Her face said it all for me as it was priceless to see her light up with excitement. 

What's also very good about this production is that the show lasts approximately 45 minutes so just enough time for little ones without being too long. Tickets were priced at £5 per person which I thought was really good value for money. We saw ugly duckling at the curve in Leicester but it is touring around the UK, and I would highly recommend it. 

You can see here where ugly duckling is being performed -

Ugly Duckling - A Ballet for ChildrenIf you are not near any of the locations then on Monday CBebbies will be showing a very similar production with Mr Bloom; Ruby and I will definitely be watching this!